Huge problems with energy packs!

Sooooooo i love battling in the different events except the breeding event…anyway so i have a huge issue with the energy packs that is given to us from the chests!! WHY THE HELL DO WE HAVE TO REDEEM SO MUCH PACKS AND RUBIES??
I have 1 energy left and I want to buy more energies to battle…I have 4 packs that was awarded from the gold chest and I have rubies…so when I click on purchasing more energies it asks me to pay the 4 energy packs AND 200 RUBIES!!! WTF I MEAN WTH!!! I JUST WON IT AND YOU WANT IT BACK PLUS 200 RUBIES!!! On top of that I only get an additional 16energies to battle…
Does anyone see the problem or think this is outrageous??? It feels unfair honestly…
Please comment on this, thanks…

Silly question: How many times have you bought today?

Usually it’s the packs OR rubies. It shows you what it would cost if you had no packs. Unless you have used a bunch already and you don’t have enough packs to cover it till the reset.

Would you mind screenshotting it. We can check for you.

(Worst case it just means wait until the reset and energy will be cheaper)

They obviously don’t have the packs to cover it, they are short so have to supplement the shortcoming with rubies


Very possibly. I do know there was a visual glitch running around lately that meant the rubies cost wasn’t crossed through which made it a little confusing. I don’t want to rule that out.

But more than likely you are spot on with this.

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ill admit that it sometimes seems a little silly. i can understand charging 2 or 3 energy packs after you have used a couple energy packs already, but the 4 and 5 energy packs are a little ridiculous. plus, the 24 hours you have to wait for those prices to reset seems a little high as well… i am sure there is a better way to orchestrate all of this, but i am not sure how.

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The goal of the system is to get you to spend to play. Net positive resource gains would be counterproductive to that goal. If they changed the energy requrements for more attacks most likely the points would get adjusted to offset.

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This feature should stay as is.

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I believe (Mech will slap me if wrong, please - thank you Sir, may I have another?) that the best way to utilize energy packs during a 24hr reset event such as this is to use 1 pack to get 16 energy twice, then use 13 energy packs to get 100 energy and grind your butt off.

Good luck.


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Lol I’m not sure I think 3 or 4 times

I mean a little compromise would be great either speed up the time frame to refill our packs or lessen the price of getting extra energy packs…

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Understandable and I wouldn’t mind if there was adjustments made to offset the points…thanks for the input

Thanks for your input!! I mean one or the other has to give…lessen the hours it takes refill our energy packs or lessen the cost of the energy packs is that too much to ask? And to charge extra rubies that makes me a little irratated too it’s not just me it’s me teammates too I was charged packs and rubies then my teammate said it asked for 600 rubies andy other teammate they asked 800rubies…sooo idk…

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When it happens again I’ll screenshot it…and no after getting an extra pack the first 2x thé 3rd time it asked for both and it kept going up…

Then yeah mech was spot on. Basically as you use more energy packs it costs more to get the same amount. If it gets too pricey wait for the energy cost reset. It’ll show up on the screen you buy more energy. That’s when things start over from one and get cheap agakn

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