Hugin or Danzig

Answer this :neutral_face:

Whichever is on your breed path. I personally liked hugin back in the day bc Lightning’s were the hardest hitting tower at the time.


depends on the breeding path you’re following.

but i liked Hugin a lot 2 years ago

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They’ll both struggle due to flaks, so just follow your breeding path (or get on one like Red’s); neither is worth basing a path off of.


Both are outdated dragons that do not fare well against flaks and turrets, but for the record, I liked Hugin more. He went straight to my perch when I got him to breeding level though. :t_rex:

Neither. :neutral_face:

Munin for the win.

but munin only has red spells…isnt it a disadvantage

Hugin and Ettin were my favorite green dragons. Well… Samnite and Sobek were, but they’re divine lol.

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Out of all the green dragons ettin lasted the longest for me. The introduction of the dark flak significantly decreased the utility and level range for most lineage dragons.

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Hugin used to be good :eyes: liked the design too


Me too. Has a nice purple color :slight_smile: :t_rex:

I didn’t need Hugin for my breeding path, but Danzig (and Munin)

So I don’t know about Hugin. What I can tell, that a well runed Danzig is worth renaming (mine’s called Scarlett) And I loved flying her till the very end of her strength. Now she’s perched

Not against XP or Invader bases…

Hugin is way stronger than Danzig, vampiric touch is expensive and ineffective, while buffed rejuvenate is pretty strong, more so with a few runes added.

Neither is really worth going off your breeding path though.

Just hated both actually. That explosive shield was worthless by then already. Ettin on the other hand :+1:

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