Hugo’s animated portrait

I found that if you look at someone that has an animated version of Hugo, theirs a red X that appears. Is this just me or…?

Not just you. I see it too when looking at his animated portrait. Maybe it’s supposed to be there?

I don’t think it’s suppose to be there. I don’t see it.

Oh🤔 all this time I thought it was normal😂

Pretty sure it is normal ‘cause I’ve seen it. I dont think I’m hallucinating.

It’s probably a bug. Why would they put a big red X over a portrait?

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It might be with having to center the animation

I see a target. Aim for the center of the X! :slight_smile:
sharp shooter cat


Is this all you do, every day? Dont get me wrong i love cats and stuff :joy:

On the WD Forums? Yes. Every few months I might try and offer something insightful but 99% of it is mindless fluff.

If folks are really and truly tired of the bugs, broken mechanics, neglected features and outdated economy, I’d say there are other activities out there. I’m mostly enjoying another mobile game. I’ve done 4 full events and while not 100% perfect, I can count the number of game impacting bugs using 1 finger.

Granted, this is a minor and cosmetic bug but there are other things to do besides WD. I’m currently converting my 125 gallon fish tank into a Paludarium.

If you like Tom Hanks or WWII movies, Greyhound was a action packed movie. Even the wife watched all 91 mins of it. Still have my William Gibson novel to read too.

As for the memes, our family thrives on improv and puns. Everyone can run with any topic for fun. So finding cat memes is easy. Just need duckduckgo and some idea on how you want to riff on the topic.

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