Huitzel Question

Why is Huitzel locked? Will there be a time when he unlocks? I prefer warrior dragons and don’t want to waste sigals on the other two.

It will only unlock if you complete the other 2.

Huitzi is locked becuase you have complete one of the other dragon lines in order to unlock him to platinum stone. If you complete both dragons, then you can get him to harb.

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So basically we are being forced to get the other two to get the Huitzel and max him out? :worried:

Mad him out?

Yes, you need one of the 2 to get him to platinum, and both to get him to plat plus.

There is also a warrior that will be released week 6 if you just want to go for that one.

It happens every season. Spend or join a higher league. Pick the dragon you like the most or wait for the later event dragons/riders.

It’s the mythic, they do this every season man.

You must be new and probably low level.

If you like warriors then wait for week 6 when the other warrior is released.

That should have read “max him out”. I didn’t realize another warrior was being released. I wonder will it be as strong as the ones that are out now?

No, the mythic (Hui), is going to be the strongest dragon this season.

Not new and only level 166. Probably low compared to you.

Nah I’m only 183. But this season mechanic has been around for a loooooong time. Like since seasons first came out 2+ years ago. Surprised you didn’t know…hence i thought you were brand new to the game.


Some sort of education for new players is needed I suppose.

In every 3 months lasting season there are multiple legendary dragons which start all in orange tier up to the current top tier.

In every season there is ONE I repeat ONE mythic dragon which starts in orange tier as well all the way to mythic level of current top tier.

Every of those mythic dragons need two other legendaries to collect all its stones so technically you need to complete two lines of 28,000 sigils and additional 22,000 sigils to complete him.

That’s a total cost of 78,000 sigils or $2,000 if you want him on day 1. This season gave you one of the legendaries for a discount price of 14,000 sigils which brings the total costs down to 64,000 sigils. Over the season in a good team it depends on how many rubies and gold chests you’ve been hoarding from previous season sometimes you have enough to complete the mythic at the end of the 3 months for free or couple hundred bucks.

But keep in mind that this dragon will require lots of hoarded stuff or crazy spending to get him.

If you dont see yourself getting 64,000 sigils besides the mandatory 3.2k sigil for the egg token boosts and the 3-6k sigils for the mandatory defender rider, forget the mythic and do those 2 goodies and dump extra sigils on week 6 on the legendary warrior in the veteran rider line.


I think this is assuming that no new stone is released…


:astonished: How is the dragon? Is it good?

I have no clue about the new legendary warrior just saying it the OP wants a warrior that’s an option

How long had youve playing the game?

A couple of years now but the finer points of the game were never really explained to me. I’m interested in learning more!

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Ohhh okies. You need a “good team” to help you then.

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