Huitzil got nerfed secretly...seriously?

So today morning i heard a rumor that our boy Huitzil got nerfed secretly after the recent update. His Explosive Aegis ain’t do massive damage to a wide range/area like before. If this is true, what’s the point to claim him? I mean come on, our innocent warrior deserves better. If anyone has any Huitzil gameplay before the update and can make a comparison gameplay after the recent update, that’s gonna be awesome

Edit: forget about the range of explosion, the damage of explosion is the issue.

You mean they fixed the bug where his shield’s explosion would damage towers on nearby islands because the radius was too big?

Or was the damage to towers affected aswell?


I’m not sure, but from what i heard, it does 1/3 of the original damage only. If its true then he sucks and this a robbery for those who already claimed him like me(orange stone haha)

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Mines expert and without gear he does around 5.5m dmg to towers with explode.

Which is generally laughed at by towers approaching 30m hp


I believe (and I could be wrong) that what you’re hearing about is the difference between pre launch Huitzl that the GPF previewed and the final launch version.


Remember how people (myself included) protested when previewed Neptus was much stronger than final release Neptus until PG changed him back?

Would be funny if Huitzil was the same case and noone bothered protesting this time.



Watch Crisis flying Huitzil and watch her saying his shield intentionally damages towers on the next island.

This was his advertisement and this was what we in the GPF tested. It was innovative and with gear making lv 65 towers in fact lv 70 towers now (just try to run Harvinator of NMO with Destar) this was not terrible.

Also his shield took a beating and made him viable. Only Achilles heel was and is ice flak. His shield exploded with a much greater damage as after the update.

Pre update: good warrior

Past update: garbage

Was this Info posted in update notes? Lol of course not


no one commented/questioned about the explosion going beyond the current area when it was being tested?

Justice for Huitzil :dragon::dragon::dragon:

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hmm so basically the same false advertising as with Neptus only that they fixed Neptus.

Oh well, I’ll save my breath this time, not getting this dragon anyway.

But they better don’t pull that cr*p again on the Fall Season hunter or I’ll be ready to set this forum on fire


Haha I’m with you on this one :smiling_imp:


Can someone point me to the place where they call it a feature please :blush:

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If this nerf is permanent. I bid my farewell to the rest of his stones :wave::wave::wave:

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To everyone who just knew this issue, lets boycott Huitzil if PG won’t fix it haha Let’s get ready for the next mythic hunter

Ugh. I was going to claim him too. I’m gonna see what upcoming sorc looks like now before I blow my sigils on falsely advertised trash.

He’d make a good perch though! Silver lining…right?

Also was thinking if I want him or no
And I’m ok with this fix
Enough “one button” dragons
Especially,when Mythics became so cheap,that 2/3 of game can get them easily

I believe Huitzil may be the most expensive Plat stone to date…or am I wrong? Not considering the prerequisites, of course.

To the best of my knowledge, and after confirming with the team, there were no recent updates that changed the parameters of the Exploding Aegis spell.

I would love to know where you heard this from.

I believe this is the case, as well.

Tuned in have coatl done and was almost done with the hunter for the sole purpose of getting the mythic 100% if this is true i can stop now and save my $

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If the damage hasn’t been reduced then its a good news :smiley::smiley::smiley: Sorry about the rumor