Huitzil got nerfed secretly...seriously?


Bet bc so many refund request


Rumors are that Huitzil with 10%, runes and rider is still weak than the advertised version may be. Although those are facts.


Would evasion runes be acceptable?


Nailed it Governor!


More like, “We’re taking down anything that helps unite and inform people in exercising their Basic Consumer Rights. One of which is the ‘Right to be informed: availability of information required for weighing alternatives and protection from false and misleading claims in advertising and labeling practices.’ Another of which is the ‘Right to be Heard’.”

For U.S. based consumers, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has a website too…


Is it actually a rumor if i hear it straight from the lips of a Google employee? Cause i was on the phone and he didnt say i heard rumors of talk about possibly maybe taking the game out of google play store.

He told me. “We have had so many complaints that the execs are discussing pulling it from the Play store”… is that a rumor? Cause i just looked up what RUMOR means.

Ru.mor noun. 1. A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.

And im apparently the one who started the rumor because it was my phone call. But there was no uncertain or doubtful truth. Google has had discussions of pulling the game due to PG’s lack of customer support and false advertising.

And you can’t tell me thats not true from the amazing amount of forum posts and crys for help from the community that go unanswered.


Well, not to say I don’t believe you, but did you record that call? Because all we have are your assertions that a Google employee made these statements. Maybe that happened, maybe it did not.

In any case, it seems like an odd thing for a consumer-facing representative to say. It also seems like an odd thing for a representative handling payments (or refunds) to even know. My company is much smaller than Google. I’m the same “rank” as a senior manager, although, because of my job, I don’t get manager in my title, but I don’t have to “manage” people either. But I don’t know what the executives are discussing unless one chooses to tell me or there is a general announcement.

All that to say… I have no reason to think what you say happened did not happen, but it does seem unlikely (to me).

As we joke in one of my LINE groups, “Pictures, or it didn’t happen!”


Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days :microphone:



i agree with you, and nope i dont have pics haha. I wasnt selling it as gospel… but i feel like its more than a rumor…


As I said, I have no reason to doubt you. It’s more just a game of numbers. If PG makes the stores more money than it costs them, then they will get to stay listed. Unless someone decides the reputation of the store is at risk. But I think the player base is too small for that to be a concern for either Apple or Google. If 7 million people played the game and a significant portion of that base were complaining, reporting, and/or seeking refunds, I suspect the tune would be a little different.

But I’m not “in the know” on that side of things (or any side really). I’m just another number in this rodeo.


Hi Lords

Can anyone explain which rune is better for Huitzil?

Huitzil gets these runes:
Epic Rune of the Jade Aegis
Legendary rune of the Jade Aegis
Mythic glyph of the jade aegis

Is it better if I choose the Mythic Warrior Rune instead of Epic Rune by Jade Aegis?

Mythic Warrior Attack: (Level 1)

  • Incease Warrior Attack +3%
  • Incease Archaner Tower Resist + 2.3%


Runes don’t make a difference to a dragon on a perch so pick whatever you would like :slight_smile:


I am wondering why you chose to compete the dragon?

Unless you did it very early on…

I suggest using none of those runes. Save them for a better dragon. It’s possible that one day a good dragon with that spell will come along.

If they’re already equipped, ask support very nicely to remove them for you. They don’t always do it, but they often will.


Your opinion is The huitzil is really that bad now. So disappointed they nerfed him. Speechless :rage:


Add epic


It depends upon where you are in the game. If you are endgame, I believe it is likely you will find his performance to be lackluster. I would probably leave him at Harbinger so that he remains his Mythic status and consider using him as a perch dragon. He will proved good bonuses to your base, and with the perch bonuses, he will do good damage and provide a strong elemental resist.

If you are not endgame, my guess is that he is still useful as a warrior. I can’t really test that scenario.


Thank you for the advice !


I wonder if PG realizes what is not being delivered?

I can think of a few things, but part of me doubts that the actual items in the packs were not correctly delivered. I’ve purchased many (too many) packs in my time playing. I think I have had one that totally failed to deliver, and. PG actually did credit it to me after I showed my receipt in a ticket.

Two things that I can think of that are not being delivered (and because of their ToS, PG actually says they don’t have to deliver, Google it would seem, may disagree):

  1. Those of us who are paying/have paid are paying for an entertainment service. If it is not entertaining, then what are we paying for?

  2. You cannot show your players one thing and then deliver something else (even if your ToS say you can). Even if you did it unintentionally, which I will be kind and take PG at their word (well, I will say that I believe Crisis and Arelyna can be taken at their word, much like the Press Secretary for the White House can be - - very hard to tell a lie if you have been told X is true and you believe the person who told you or you know not to ask questions).

So, yeah. Things are not being delivered. And I hope when PG “looks into” this one, they have a little more success than when they “look into” things players say are a problem.

I could make this list much longer. But those two are recent (well, one is recent… The other probably depends upon how long you’ve been playing). And this floating announcement is also recent. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, and perhaps the money language is not really about not spending but about getting what we paid for and if not, taking it to the true gatekeepers: Apple and Google.

At most PG is worth what? 250M (I’m aiming very high on purpose here). My guess is that it’s much closer to 100M. How much does Apple make?

"$869,000 per minute’

And Google?

“Everyday in 2016 Google earned a over $58 million.”

(Sorry for the older number here. The switch to Alphabet combined with the other “bets” losing money makes it a little harder than Apple.)

But you get the point.

Here’s hoping PG, as they look into it, finds whatever it is the players haven’t been getting.


After reading all (well, most) of the replies, I also went to Apple for a refund for the season. it was offered, no questions asked as long as receipts were provided. If you feel the same, Apple may help you too.