Huitzil Nerfed Already?

@PGJared @PGCrisis

So I noticed the explosive aegis of Huitzil has been “changed” since the last update of the game, regarding its power/damage and distance required to activate the explosion. I wrote to ZenDesk/Support asking about it and I was told nothing has been changed and, I was asked to reinstall the game again, which I did a few times, but Huitzil is not the same anymore.

As advised by ZenDesk/Support I should start a forum post here so that this can be looked into. I wonder if this has happened to others who got Huitzil before the update too?

Hey Tofu (love the name!),

There’s a conversation happening on the Forums about this already. Check it out here:

Gonna close this thread down since it’s a duplicate. Feel free to join the conversation on that thread! :slight_smile: