Hunt Power too low bug

For the past few months I get a random bug where it says “Hunt Power too low” when trying to attack a mob in Atlas.

-My Prim is in the same zone as the beast.
-My Prim has 30k hunt power
-I was attacking a mob that needed 6k hunt power

If I attack the mine first then it lets me attack the beast without issue.

Just annoying as gold decreases per attack and this happens multiple times per day.

Hopefully it is an easy bug to resolve.

I have had this bug before. I sort it by exiting atlas (just back to home base) then going back into atlas. This refreshes something or other and lets you attack the beast.


Cheers ill try that next time :slight_smile:

When I get this, the game always crashes out shortly afterwards.

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Well, I frequently have this bug and the first time I reported this to support, the agent told me that I should load more troops to my expert trapper to kill a level 18 beast. :man_facepalming: :joy: