Hunter +1 ammo.. what exactly does it do?

what does the +1 hunter ammo do? does itni crease regeneration? or does it add an extra shot? i have it on saito for my top hunter dragon, and it seems to not make much difference?

+1 ammo, 1 more shot

maximum ammo in the bar is increased by 1


Like @MurderBNumbers said it adds one extra shot to your amo bar. You might not notice the difference in everyday game play, but you might notice the difference in situations where you need to have just a LITTLE bit more to kill a tower before a defender can heal the darn thing.


you would notice this more on specific hunters…

hunters that have abilities which coincide with your dragon reaching max ammo capacity frequently (example: itzani shadow strike refills ammo bar every time the ability is used)
hunters which need to spread their shots around for CC purposes (example: gunnar needing to keep towers frozen)

Other hunters that spend most of their time somewhere below 100% capacity notice the benefit less and generally see more benefit from +% attack

Some hunters also see more benefit from having their spells boosted which are typically based on max attack value.

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Exactly what it says… 1+ shot :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


exactly, its a legit question… both choice i asked about are valid. i was told in game it adds to speed regen on ammo bar… so i wanted to confirm.

i have been opening so many silver chests, but i can not get any ammo runes. it’s almost impossible.

thank you.


No, it doesn’t. It just adds ammo.

It LITERALLY is impossible this event as there are 0 ammo runes in the silver chests. So if you are opening silver chests, especially with rubies, with the hopes of getting an ammo rune, yeah, ya might want to stop…

Edit - and no one was being a dick, they answered your question…it adds +1 ammo :man_shrugging:


“It adds 1 more ammo” doesn’t add any info to the “+1 ammo” description that was apparently unclear. I think the in-game description is more explicit in most of the places that give this: it increases max ammo capacity by 1.

This means one more shot available at the start of the attack and whenever you regenerate to full ammo.

Ammo runes in silver chests are very rare, I think the last time was in a winterjol or even duskfall Temple raid. They have been in runic or super runic chests recently. See OrcaFrost's chest drop Info and start tracking the contents of your silver chests if you’re interested in getting better runes through predicting silver and runic chest contents.

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I think they were in the Runic chests last week.

If you don’t have the patience to go look at Orca’s info, just tap the little i above silver chests. If it ain’t listed, it ain’t in there.

Or, I could have been a dick and not mentioned any of that and let you keep opening silver chests trying to get a rune that they don’t contain this event :man_shrugging:


Listen Richard

Also, wasnt like anyone being a major richard but yeah there was a tone like it is exactly how it sounds… we are talking about PG here in case ppl forgot

Can always test it in game and empty your ammo and count the ticks as it refills.


That sounds way too difficult.

I think you were/are reading into stuff.By far, those were some of the most polite replies on the forums in that specific timeframe.

Anyway, yeah, test it ingame and let us know. That’d be the best, safest way, as who knows, we could all be screwing with the OP cause it’s Saturday and we are bored :man_shrugging:

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it’s not really difficult to be honest.

base ammo is always set to 8 and then increased by research by 3 (1 + 2) and the rest are added by runes/glyph and rider skills.

For the easiest time you can do the test, it should be around before you transition to the next island. Like after destroying the last tower on an island, simply tap using your five fingers to really use up all the ammo and then by the time you reach the next island, you should be able to count all the tick until it is full.

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Im likely never going to conduct a test on anything +1 ammo, ever. Not gonna use it. Just being honest with a hint if had a shitty day

Don’t worry about it! Almost any question will bring out some smart ass who is waiting to make the typical douche bag reply :roll_eyes:

Anyway Ammo runes are great but like @MurderBNumbers said a lot of it will have to do with the hunter you have it on.
Riders can add ammo & runes sometimes specialty runes like Fomhars glyph.
+1 ammo definitely makes a difference sometimes it’s the difference between it being destroyed or repaired back up!
Stacking them with riders & runes on certain hunters to get +2 & +3 ammo is great!

But your probably not going to have any luck with those silvers don’t waste your rubies!
Mostly will get those in the runic chests!


well i been testing it a lot, sure does not add to regeneration speed LOL. but i feel it has added an extra shot and notice i get more taps on my prospero as compared to previously without it when trying to shoot a tower down.

thanks all. appriciate it.

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Is it solved then?

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