Hunter Ammo Increase

Hi there. Does the amount of hunter ammo/energy increase as you or your dragons level up? When I watch videos of a higher level player flying a hunter, their dragons seem to have a lot more ammo than mine do, and therefore they can do more taps. I know there’s research, but looking beyond what I’ve done already, there doesn’t seem to be another “+1 Hunter Energy” research. Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is there some other way to increase it?
Edit: It’s just a feeling. Sorry everyone :sweat_smile:

In green research there’s a +2

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Also the a lot of ammo may be a feeling

Already got that one :+1: Can’t see any beyond that one

It probably is :sweat_smile: Hope I’m not wasting anyone’s time with this tonight, lol

There is a “hunter training” and an “advanced hunter training” that will both add ammo

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That one extra tap that is not needed by an inexperienced player adds up

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Yep, it’s just a feeling. Watched a video of Red’s and then flew my Whalgnawer, and it’s the same in regards to ammo. Sorry everyone, my eyes fooled me :sweat_smile::confounded:

If you get really lucky…there is a hunter ammo rune in the game. It’s pretty much a unicorn of runes, but it does exist


Oh, yeah, I heard about that! Fingers crossed lol

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I want it more than I want air right now

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