Hunter attack and ammo runes difference

Runes stacks with gears, with riders, with boosts (+30% attack) and with research.

  • Research full done : 24%
  • Boosts : 30%
  • Rider like Anja = 24%
  • Max set of elite gears = 100%

Let’s say the dps of your dragon is 100M.

  • Total dps Added is : 24+30+24+100= 158%
    So the new dps is : 258%.

  • So the new attack is : 100m x 258% = 258M damages. (Without any rune)

Now let’s see the difference between the ammo and the attack.

Hunter attack :

  • Let’s say you have 3 mythic hunter attack +8%.
  • So : (8% x 3) + 258% = 282%
  • Dps is gonna be : 100m x 282% = 282m.

Ammo : this rune doesn’t attack so the stats will still be 258m.

Comparation :

So a hunter has already 11 ammo (if you have done all research) and anja is there so the dragon will have 12 ammo instead of 11.

With a +1 ammo rune (legendary one), you total ammo will be 12+1=13 your total damage from one set of ammo is gonna be :

  • 258m x 13 = 3,354B

Now let’s see with hunter attack :

  • 282m x 12 = 3,384B

Difference is : 3384-3354= 30m damages. 30m damages is nothing because it’s less than 1% of you total attack of one set of ammo.

So what can we see here is : 3 mythic attack that adds each 8% are worth one legendary ammo. This is why ammo runes are most of the time better than hunter attack.

Note :

  • maths don’t lie, so unless I did a mistake on the numbers, everything here should be correct.

  • ammo runes aren’t the best runes all the time, in some dragons attack is better, for example the hunter narlyth. Narlyth relies on mind spike spell to oneshot the red mage so the dragon is gonna be able to use the whispers of madness, if mind spike doesn’t one shot the tower it’s basically like having a dragon rain drained dragon, no spells will affect the tower and you will die. In this case adding attack runes is essential because mind spike is a attack based spell, and if you add attack runes, it will boost its attack, so help you kill the towers that were impossible before with mind spike.

If you have any value to add please add it. If you didn’t get any part please ask me, I’d be happy to help and keep in mind that maths aren’t hard to understand.

Thank you for reading,


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