Hunter + iphone ... how many fingers? πŸ––

I’ve been one finger tapping the hunters but am considering taking hunters more seriously. How many fingers would be good for them on an iphone 7? Thanks in advance. :corn:

How many you got?


Go iPad and use all 10. Play that screen like a piano maestro!


Grumpy’s second most used app is Magic Piano.


I have an iPhone 5s and I can do 2 fingers max

It’s really more a limitation of power & hunter ammo. You could four or five finger tap, but there’s not much reason to empty all the ammo if all the towers are still up. Two or three are usually good, just get used to how many taps towers at various levels/boosts take.


I think In serious battles you need to focus on finishing the storm tower and dark flak as fast as you can, finger count helps less than being fast

Or as a lead sanding mages and things

Fast (accurately) beats everything else, I think


I often use two on my ipad pro (I use my index and middle finger, but crossed together). This lets me kill a tower twice as fast as if I used just one finger to tap. Sometimes I use 4 (the index and middle fingers from both hands, but crossed) after I’ve cast the spell.

If the towers are a low enough level, I’ll hit with 5 or more fingers :laughing:


I have an android, and a big phone at that… but I’ve always used 3 since I had an iPhone 6

I use both of my thumbs :+1:t2:


Everyone needs to play more Magic Piano! #letthemagichappen


I use my index mostly, but I’ll add my middle finger too sometimes (both on my right hand). I don’t use three 'cause a couple taps will bring up that accessibility screen lol (I’m on an iPhone 6s).

2 L + 3 R = 5 for 2 tap kill 5 towers.
1 L + 1 R = 2 thumb for DF and Blue mage, followed by immediate cloak :wink:.

iPad 9.7” inch

I agree with Tony. Quick and accurate is better than more.

My other unique advice is to find a position that feels comfortable in your hand for every combination of towers dual hits (aka front 2, front and rear left, front and rear right, middle and front left, middle and front right, etc). I find myself tilting my phone all the time to more easily let my fingers fall into place to dual tap certain tower combinations.

For instance if i need to hit the front left and rear left towers in the set of 5, i will tilt my phone about 20-30 degrees clockwise so that my index and middle finger on my right hand neatly fall onto those two towers and i can tap as quick as possible. Then if i need to hit the middle and front right towers next i’ll rotate the phone 60 degrees counterclockwise from its current position and position my right hand fingers close together to tap the required towers.

it must look funny if people are watching but honestly it’s hella effective for me and allows for very rapid and accurate taps

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I used Android (5.5"), and 2 fingers. Left thumb and right index.

Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one doing this. Got some finger patterns down ala guitar chords not saying I’ve ,mastered anything by any means but I can say I smell what you’re cooking

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Maybe u guys got short thumbs or something. I can reach either side of the phone with both thumbs :+1::-1:

Dexterity in your fingers >> dexterity in your thumbs

Except for you you hitchhiking maniac.


I would say thumbs maketh man. Ross would agree

Some uses two thumbs.
Some uses a thumb and another finger.
Some uses index and middle fingers.
But I bet noone uses little fingers.