Hunter + iphone ... how many fingers? ๐Ÿ––


Pinky toes only :footprints:


Fiver Finger Death Punch :fist_right:


One, two or Three, depending on what you shooting. Do it well and its like playing Bach. I used to HATE hunters. Once I got the hang of the 1, 2, 3 finger shoot and with WHALEGNAWER (now retired), I REALLY got into it.


Lol I only use my thumb and right index finger :ok_hand:t2:


wait we are suppose to play with our hands!?!? Damn thatโ€™s not what i have been using.


Dragon DPS : Tower Level โ€ฆwhere level should give an idea of HP should direct whether multiple fingers are needed for one or multiple towers. Layout and whether the base is being defended will dictate whether you can take out multiple towers if DPS:TL is a strong enough ratio. Admittedly, I have never tried to use multiple fingers on spells, but my hunch is only one can be used for all. Lastlyโ€ฆthere are some spots that on most devices allow you to take out 2 towers if accurately hit, which significantly reduces the need for a multi-fingered approach there. This also depends on tower and whether defended or notโ€ฆi.e., if one of the two is a storm tower (which it often is), then the ST needs to go down to break the shield and trying to hit the 2 for 1 spot will be wasted until the shield is broken. All that said, watching replays of how your base is attacked should show techniques that the more skilled hunter flyers use, including spell use as well as whether they use 1 or more fingers.


Ipad pro - 8 finger tap for farms = instagib canโ€™t hammer
Mafic also works well that way

Usually 4 for high importance towers that have to die even with defenders.

Casual play on phone - 2 thumbs :yum:


I use one finger and try and maximize my use of the double triple kill tower spots. Necryx is a beast if you sand two/three towers at a time


I use 2-3, depending on the base/tower levels and the degree of difficulty.

I always keep my left thumb on the spells, to have easy access to those. Then will use my mainly my right index and middle fingers for 1st and 2nd taps, with my left index finger at certain times/places doing a 3rd tap.

Iโ€™m a little like mech and will get myself into some funky phone positions, hence why I prefer nobody watching me while I play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All about finding what works best for you!


3 max on iPhone 6s. Usually 1 or two depending on the base.


using hunters on the invader like necryx or frosty i often 3 fingers for the front of islands, only time i ever apply in live battles is if the base is weak compared to dragon level and im gonna kill everything easy.

as mentioned counting shots is a better strategy in live battle. just always to fly hunters slowly. dont go trigger happy trying to blow through an island lol


Thanks for the feedback yaโ€™ll. So Iโ€™ll

  1. count my shots
  2. have my left thumb for the spells
  3. use my right hand for the shots
  4. orient the phone using my left hand to help with the contortions my right hand has to manage
  5. kill storm towers first
  6. kill dark flaks second
  7. wait until the storm towerโ€™s shield is down before shooting

Am I missing anything? :slight_smile:๏ธ


Canโ€™t believe you left out Magic Pianoโ€ฆ :man_shrugging:


Piano isnโ€™t my thing. :grimacing:


I reserve the 3 finger tap for beginning of islands, otherwise I use redโ€™s tip and use 2 fingered taps to take out towers quick.


I lost my arms in a freak fisting accident. So I have to use my feet for everything including War Dragons. The downside is itโ€™s hard to also use my phones for calls. It falls on my face sometimes. So I frequently have pink eye due to the foot particles getting in my eyes.


Are you serious? :frowning:


Yes. And typing on the phone is hard enough. Itโ€™s sad when people wanna question my handicap. Itโ€™s rather rude and thoughtless.


How are you going to eat a sandwich and play at the same time? I feel for ya


The worst part is the unintended relish that ends up in the sandwiches I eat. But YOLO.