Hunters Healing Spell

Just a little poll for Healing Mark (HM) and Spring’s Renewal (SR).

  • Do not change HM and SR
  • Let HM use Max HP instead of Base HP
  • Let SR use Max HP instead of Base HP
  • Let both HM and SR use Max HP instead of Base HP

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Sooooo why try and change the mechanics of how a spell is hard coded into the game?

Why not just ask for a % buff instead if it would accomplish the same thing?


Yep, my choice would be “Change the internal percentage used by SR to be twice whatever HM is using, to make it’s effective healing match the description”.

IMO, both HM and SR are quite useful for unboosted dragon. Unlike the other recovery spell, their usefulness is decreased with more HP boost applied to the dragons. Therefore, to keep their usefulness and prevent OP spells on unboosted dragon, IMO, it’s better to use max HP instead of base HP.

How is their usefulness decreased when boosted?


dragon has 1M HP unboosted
Dragon has 1.3M HP boosted

Healing mark spell does 10% healing or +100k
Dragon is healed 100k unboosted
Dragon is healed 100k boosted

Sure the % is less. So you want the SPELLS TO BE BUFFED WHEN USING BOOSTS? How is that fair?

I think the majority of people just want to get what was advertised. If 20% heal was advertised, that’s what they’re expecting.
I think many would be amenable for the percentages to be changed just so what is advertised is what we get, and there’s no need to go looking in the files, creating wb’s of research, health boosts, and rider variables or otherwise @SavageAFforPG it.
And yes, I think it’s completely reasonable for a spell to be buffed when someone uses a buffing consumable.

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I think this is where we differ. I count +HP as +HP, not +HP & +Spell Power

But I can see where you are coming from in regards to % advertised

I meant, IMO, many (if not most) players fly their dragon under illusion that their current max HP is at 100%, whether it’s boosted or not.
At this point, I agree with Lutrus.

I understand why the game uses base HP. It’s because you are stealing the health from the base. It’s what is advertised. With runes it’s fine the way it is. I think, the problem with SR is the rune isn’t working or isn’t strong enough on percentages. MY Airbrean has 70% while MY Avyx has 151%.

edit: I just found the stats in another post. Airbrean’s runes max together equals 77.5%. I think that is the problem and not letting him reach his full potential.

Another poll that is very onedimensional and shortsighted.

Have you ever considered all the other variables?

For example runes:
Imagine HM healed based on the max health which includes research, dragon boosts, HP runes and rider bonus.
The immense multiplier on runes would probably easily heal 100% of your HP for just 1 rage.
Talk about an overpowered spell?

The dragons and spells are perfectly fine the way they are.
If anything, PG needs to be more exact in the way they advertise spells.


If the total heal percentage is 50% (for example). It will always heal 50%, whether boosted or unboosted.

100k health unboosted
130k health boosted
50k healed first scenario
65k healed second scenario.

Given x>=1, and y<1, x*y<x
X being the health of dragon and y being the % heal

SR isnt meant to heal as much as HM. It would be pretty op if it did.


Hey @mechengg , Corthanak AOE spell say “Deals 15% of dragon’s max HP as damage to all towers in target area. Damaged towers are unable to attack for 3 seconds. This spell has no cooldown.”
Pls i want to know, The damage caused is influenced by the increase in HP due to Riders, Gears, Research, Runes, consumables boost etc ? or is only the base value of HP considered? i mean ?? thx u man

for me both SR and HM works really well. Dont need to change them.

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I always thought they meant “base” as in the dragon’s unboosted HP, is it really the HP of the base you are attacking? that would seem really weird to me

SR already provides rage and hp so that 77.5% increase is a way to balance it.

unlike HM which only gives hp


I wasn’t talking about boosted vs. unboosted dragons.
I’m talking about using the base HP vs. using the max HP for the skill.

Easy numbers:
Dragon has 100k base HP.
Dragon has 200k HP after all boosts applied.
HM has a 70% heal multiplier with research and runes.

  • A 200k HP dragon is healed by 70k HP when base HP is used, healing 35% of his HP (today’s scenario).
  • A 200k HP dragon would be healed by 120k HP when max HP is used, healing 70% of his HP.

The numbers are only meant to be for easy explanation, so I hope this can show the outcome.
It’s realistic that the dragons most of us fly have some boost applied, be it just reseach, be it dragon boosts or even a well geared rider.

The point is, the bigger the difference between the base HP and the max HP of your dragon, the bigger the imbalance of the skill.

The healing could easily double if max HP was used, that would make the skill eventually extremely overpowered.

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Especially considering that when past spells did NOT included HP buffs in their calculations, this was always clearly stated in the released descriptions when announcements were made (e.g., Reanimate stated clearly that damage did not include HP buffs from research or from consumables, but the healing aspect did not include these limiting notations – also, buffs from riders and gear were not excluded in Reanimate’s damage description either).

Here’s the official announcement of Aibreean’s spells set:

Taken from here: Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates

There is nothing to indicate that ANY buffs would not be part of the healing % calculation. So, reasonably, they are included, since it has been noted in previous spells when they were not.

How does Spring’s Renewal steal health? You must destroy the tower, it’s not draining health from a tower and giving it to your dragon.

Also, this was a change from how spells using “percentageofMaxHP” have historically worked.

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This was how it DID work until the most recent update.