Hyaku good or bad?

Hey guys! I know this post might be redundant, but I missed last season due to having to quit for the summer. Due to that, I’m really looking for opinions on Hyaku because I need good dragons. I need to know if he’s worth getting or if not. I’ve been looking at videos and frankly I’d just like a wider range of opinions! If someone else made a forum post, please feel free to drop the links to those. Thank you all in advance.

Also my first forum post. Forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong area!

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What is your level, or in which league are you?
What is normally your seasonal success ?

I personally prefer playing for stuff… so that i get good items to grow for the sigil… instead of dragon based normally.

Hyaku is really good for me (level 108). I still need a bit of practice with him, so I’ve been going easy, but overall, he’s a really good dragon

He looks decent for a warrior. He has a bit more burst than normal and has multiple ways to dodge rage drain which is decent.

But he doesn’t have as much dps as other dragons. I feel that he is going to have a very hard and fast ceiling but if you are hitting at about your level and we aren’t talking the 400s then you are probably fine with him. He is the discount and the benefits from that are huge

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He seems like a pretty good dragon, the special effects are pretty cool too. Would I get him if he wasn’t half off? Maybe not. But he is so I am.

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Also his meteor spell is heavily affected by this bug that makes AOE damage do the damage of a regular attack if cast too soon. Cripples him quite a bit. Also, he’s a warrior. :expressionless:

If you’re looking for a good dragon, wait until the end of the season before making a decision. There’s only two dragons out with two more coming, so wait for people to talk about them all and watch videos.


This is genuinely a huge factor for him

And any dragon for people with quick reflexes. I don’t believe that bug is limited to just AOE.

If you are planning on getting only one dragon then the advice as seen above is to wait until later to see what is out there . Better dragons will be unveiled and people will have time to test out the dragons so you can then decide what is best for you.

But if you plan to get more than one then don’t forget the discount dragon as it makes a huge difference in cost. This would matter for example if you were aiming for the mythic and need 3 keys.


He is good for lower lvls but higher lvl I don’t see him as a finisher


If u dont plan to go for a mytic, totally skip that dragon. Hes really bad.

Sorry for a late reply! I’m 276, obsidian tier, sapphire III.

Tbh, the bases at TC’s level are spread in a wide range. From poor average to nasty strong bases (thanks to early “Harbinger tier kill island”)

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I believe that bug is limited to any spell using both HP and Attack as damage modifier.
We have quite a lot spells in this category.


That bug is really tear him apart.

I mean, his skillset is a little bit similar with Dreth, last discount dragon. Whereas you throw AOE damage to towers and attack them afterward.

However, Derth is sorcerer. She didnt attack rapidly. This is warrior we are talking about. You need to attack constantly.

Conclusion. He is a joke. Period.

Did u just assume a dragon’s gender? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. If i were a mod, that’s a straight up ban for u.

My bad, pg assumed it. I would ban pg then muhahaha

You are joking right?

Every dragon has a gender. Just read their description to know it.

For example, Namaka is a she.

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I think you should get this drag and put it in the storage if you don’t like it. The reward from this discounted branch is totally worth it.


How far you get normally at a season ? I mean did you calculate what you earn from
events normally ?

Then we can look what is important for you . A Dragon , or coming better forward in game … like more stuff for less sigils for example .

He is good for invader with seasonal fast healing option. On defended bases with ice flak at back, he is not good option.