Hyaku seriously bugged!

Hyaku’s main damage spell is seriously bugged where it will do almost to no damage. Here in my links, the first is a normal run where meteor works just fine, while the next two will show how much damage is significantly reduced. Third being the worst.

Normal run:

Worst one: if you watch the ice flak on the right you will see it taking significantly less damage from the other meteors.

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I’ve experienced the same issue. Fun dragon to fly when the spell works though.

Probably the same quick cast bug that all freeze spells still suffer from. If you have too little time between casting and targeting the spell gets the damage of a single breath attack. This is extra painful for a warrior because their breath does a lot of small fast attacks, so the damage of a single attack is really small.

Massively annoying bug


Since this is hyaku’s only damage spell, this bug literally cripples it. I do hope they find a fix.

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Like it was said another spell bug that do very little damage it can happen on sorcerer as well most area of affect spells have that darth corthanak sylphen and so on and so on. Another one of those serious bugs that PG neglected to take care of for years

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I see. But there are many times where I have allowed delays in between shots and still received a “regular breath” attack. Guess I’ll have to delay even longer. Might as well put a cd on the spell then for as long as I have already had to wait.

This shouldn’t be a necessity as waiting longer is what can make you lose an attack. The dragon is virtually useless with this bug. They should alter the spell to have a larger AOE and add a cooldown if they want to make it even remotely viable.

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Just to be clear, the thing triggering the bug is a too short time between clicking the spell icon, and clicking on the map to launch it. Casting another one really quickly does not cause problems, as long as there is a short wait between casting (clicking the spell) and launching (clicking the map)


Well what fox said is still true. That fraction of a sec makes such a difference and sadly meteor is hyaku’s Core. I’ve flown hyaku so many times already and many times that moment is all it takes. Why would PG release it as it is knowing full well of this bug? If I fly as they want me to be, I fail to kill an island or I’m dead and I wasted rage. I would have to attack weak bases just to make it work. That’s not fair.

The bug has been there for at least a year, and it affects quite a few dragons unfortunately. I do agree it should really be fixed, but would not hold my breath…


The real question is: why release new dragons with spells that have known and unfixable bugs?


This! I honestly want my sigils back. I was not aware of this bug until I got hyaku. I wasn’t planning on getting a mythic, I just wanted a branch and the egg tokens, that’s it. I really like hyaku because it reminds me of Spyro! But I don’t want to get it just to bench it. Those sigils can be used for something that’s actually effective.

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Same bug effects Firefin where its suppose to rapid fire its main aoe spell. However with this bug you have to be very slow and I usually try to not land the same hit inside the same circle twice. Meaning aim for the front towers, then the back, then back to front

Not sure who to tag, but PG ought to know that people have noticed and are bothered by this bug, if they somehow don’t already.

New Year of the Player patch, plz? :grin:

you could tag someone but since the bug is in older dragons not likely they will fix it or they would have already fixed it and we wouldn’t be having this conversation

This glitch is years old. I don’t think they’ll suddenly look into it after it being an issue for this long. The only real solution I see is to change the spell to a larger AOE (all five towers) and introduce a cooldown.

Totally agree that it’s crazy to bring out new dragons with spells that have existing issues. Of course it could be a “feature” if they announced it!

They have looked into it and basically said we can change it, but who knows what else we’ll change in the process:

Just say “and” in between tapping the spell and casting it.

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It’s certainly a solution. Cripples the dragon that is said to need multiple meteors right off the bat, though. I guess even if it functioned correctly it’s not exactly a great dragon anyway so not much lost.