I agree with Odin about this being the best dragon in game

Krull vs lvl 90 towers defended :crazy_face::dizzy_face::flushed::dizzy_face::crazy_face:. insane flying




If anyone is on his tree I would advise to stop cause we all know about PG and their nerfing I got him now I’m gonna wait and see because of the winers got surt nerfed because they might do the same to this dragon

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I’d like to get an answer from PG ASAP about this dragon. I thought people were over hyping this dragon about how OP it was. If this is seen as balanced and will not be nerfed I’d get him today


Me too I say he is beast but not op you have to know hunters and spam button no blue mage around he will destroy ppl think it’s his white spell no it’s his blinking unlimited that ppl will complain about

I’m just gonna wait until the dust settles

The only video I’ve seen of him is by a competent flyer against 1 averarage defender. Hardly a reason to say he’ll be nerfed. I’m not saying he isn’t good but can we give it time for people to learn to defend against him rather than calling him “THE BEST DRAGON EVER!!!” :roll_eyes:


What does that mean?

I heard odin

You saying Odin attacked you with Krull and failed all those times? Else I don’t get it :woman_shrugging:t2:

Maybe over hyped after all. Back to rider and hunter mythic I guess :rofl::rofl:

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He’s a persistent fellow.

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It’s for his videos :man_shrugging:t2:

Although funny, how does it relate to the current conversation? :thinking:


Odin was obviously click baiting for views on his video. A highly skilled player with a maxed dragon took his base and it’s “The best dragon in the game” let’s wait and see before expecting a nerf.


I’m not expecting a Nerf until I see a lot of players saying it’s over powered why because a lot of players can get him, he’s not a mythic should be glad there’s a dragon all players can get as for Odin and your thoughts on him it’s not my circus not my monkeys

only 1 problem… he’s slow.
Doesn’t matter how strong it is if the other dragonlord finishes first.


Which, in turn, is also Namaka. That’s why I use the Berseker in Atlas attacks (Ronin)
I think is the balancing nowadays, if the dragon is too powerful make it slow.


Your forgetting hit and quit cake boy :kissing_heart:

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Not really. Hit n quit is pretty ignorant imo.
The very same people who talk about total troops owned, advantages of having more troops blah blah blah blah are some of the same people I see supporting this as a legitimate strategy.
Guess they haven’t learned how to do math yet because it’s about the same troop efficiency as glory swapping which is also absolute #$@%
(assuming they’re doing it sieger vs sieger. otherwise they’re literally feeding the enemy glory)

people wonder why they don’t have troops :face_with_monocle:
people wonder why they have a hard time earning glory :face_with_monocle:

and thanks :slight_smile: