I agree with Odin about this being the best dragon in game

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Maybe I’m missing something but isn’t an abyssal dragon supposed to destroy level 90 towers? :thinking:

I’m not seeing how or why this dragon, fully stoned, is so impressive. If it were maybe 1-2 tiers lower destroying that base sure, but it was maxed tier so I would expect it to do what it did.

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It’s not a mythic, i think i will get it now and if they nerf it, it goes into the den. There are enough other good dragons around. If it would be a mystic like surt was thats a whole other stroy.
Just because its way more difficult and/or expensive to get a mystic.


With the new tower buff it was supposed to be very difficult to destroy towers lvl 90 with defenders… obviously we are not seeing that here :roll_eyes:

Also it’s a legendary dragon. Not a mythic :woman_shrugging:

The dragon is clearly given a spell set that exceeds the norm for dragons and is in fact… Over powered :+1:.


I would agree but it’s a hunter not easy to fly with that skill set you must know how to fly that dragon but if you can fly it right you’re good

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Well as I knew it they did make a change to his blood mist from 0 sec cool down to 1 second cool down now from players not knowing the 100 time spam where the spell cannot be used anymore

Great, can I get my 8k in sigils back. Thank god I will never spend another dime on this game with crap like this. I was finally looking forward to another great dragon. I guess I will continue using Hau and Noctua well into Vanguard.


Please continue discussing Kullecid spell changes in the official Withermoon thread. Thank you.