I already have equestor so

When i bought Equestor, the max level was Obsidian.

So now, if i want to upgrade him, i have to take ALL THE BRANCH ?

sorry if my question is stupid but, take two times these eggs is a real waste of price…

A better solution exist, no?

PG can u reply me?

Pg as already addressed this by offering alternative prizes in the branch if you have the stone already :sunglasses::+1:


Oh ! i didnt see it, thx !

But i still waste a lot of sigil :frowning:
I only want the eggs missing haha

Its a pretty bad dragon to use these days. It was awesome in its days. If I were you, I would skip the branch and wait for new dragons to release/go for luzok.


No you don’t, because you get other resources as you progress through the line

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It’s an extremely underwhelming line compared to others, hence the waste of sigils comment


Why can’t it do as well in today’s game , is it merely because it has no heal spell

With the right towers it does. But it’s more it has no way to deal with modern towers.

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Howitzer can one shot it. And it has no way of dodging any projectiles.

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The lightning struggles defended or undefended, no way to dodge mage drains, no way to cloak

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Basically, as everyone else has said… Equestor is vulnerable to everything, and literally EVERYTHING… everything you have to avoid at least (Howitzers, mages, lightning towers, flaks, turrets, etc.)

Edit - And yes, he does have a lightning resist, but resists don’t make you invincible to damage. It just provides a resistance (hence: “resist”).

Also his branch isn’t a total waste if you even bother to look for ammo runes or a mythic rage rune
I’ll only be getting him for these two reasons Assault and Dungeons, dungeons I have no idea on how that’ll help but it’s their for two purposes and 2 other reasons