I am thinking of disbanding my team I have about 10 players between level 50 and 100 that will be needing a new team

Please use this formatting for the Thread title: t me know if your interested in letting us in we are basically the only ones in our team doing all the work we all stay active and hit in every war
Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – yourLeagueyourTeamlvlRequirement

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – yourLevel yourNameyourLeague to requestedLeague

Time Zone:
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes:
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What league are you in now?

Sorry I wasn’t clear lol. I was asking zzzzzMIKEzzzzz

You can message me at DeathsDominion if you have questions.

Gold 2 …

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WTFers 15 spot it gold 3 but we rebuild

Hey Mike we are rebuilding our team and are looking for active players. We are the WTFers. Contact me on the game and we can talk. We have several openings for active or above players.


My team, Thegamers2, has room for you and your people. I’m rebuilding my team. We are in Gold 3, but we used to be in platinum 3. Please read our description to see if you like us, and let me know of you have any questions or want to join!


TheRedEclipse has open spots. We’ve lost a handful, we’re fresh meat getting pummeled by the league, so we’d love some new members to help us stay in Platinum. Cheers!

Fireteamalpha contact leader viplady

ColumbiaGorge has some open spots. Contact MrSeahawk. We are in Gold 1, but will be in Plat 4 again next week.

We are a gold 2 team, legionpsychos looking for fresh blood.
English speaking
Us all time zones
My IGN is ChargerRT1969, elite level 73
Our ages range from 13-late 50s
We are competitive etitive and a lot of fun.
Tight group, very much like a family especially when it comes to being obnoxious.

If you are interested, we have room for the 10 of you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi check us out we need your help

Platinum 3 Angry Vazirs
RiseAgain. 1553
70nisnoir minimum but we consider all ACTIVE players.
We Rise Again always! But we are looking for active, committed players that we can count on.
All you need to do if you are below level 70 is to mail MechaRei and tell her you are active and committed to playing and supporting your team!
I look forward to seeing any new players wanting to come over.

Gold 4, will be Gold 2 in the next reshuffle (maybe Gold 1); pushing for Plat 1. Was a new team at bronze 2 weeks ago.
Hit an officer and apply. We can accommodate 3-5 of you.

Team: CarnalForge
Current Rating: 1340
Language: Mostly English
Time Zone: We have players all over the US, Canada, some in Europe and Asia
Min Level: We prefer 84-100s but all Active players are welcome
Age Range: 18+ please
Elite Account?: Recommended
Dragon Roster Includes: You should be in Green to Gold tier, pushing into Plat (if your 90-100+)

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Hello. We are looking for 3 active high level players. We are about to move to Gold 1. We are a very active team and are there to always help each other. Team name is LoneFamily. Please let me know.

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Oh how sad…TheWindRiders has room. We are also in GOLD2. We would love to have some younger players…we love to teach and help grow. We’d also love to have experienced players that don’t mind teaching. If you’re interested in checking us out or have more questions, you can message me or our leader BiggCapn.

check out danceofdragons plat 3

Send your application our way. Currently Platinum but will fall back to Gold. We are NagaExpress and if you are active to very active and do both wars and events then submit

Thanks, Dragonsdown

I have 9 openings but can kick an inactive to make more room. We have great active core team together well over a year with 9 over 100. Friendly and supportive. Finishing in top 5 even short players and want to get back to Platinum but wars killing us due to open roster spots. PM Wizarius team is FnafDragons in Gold 2.

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