I am TMO6974 I need help with my account

I need help with getting back on to my account can someone please help me

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Open a ticket and give more details about your issue.


Welcome to the forum TMO6974!

Our Support Team has your back - you can reach out to them:

  1. In-game, by clicking the :gear: icon, then ‘Help’
  2. Through your browser, here: https://wardragons.zendesk.com/hc/en-us (‘Sign in’, then ‘Get a Password’)
  3. Lastly, you can e-mail us directly, here: support@wardragons.zendesk.com


You told TM06974 that the Support Team has his back, but do you?

On Saturday, I followed the instructions that you provided trying to get assistance with a problem that I was having with the Crystal Caves event. I finally received a reply this morning (4 days later) that did nothing to resolve my problem or apologize for the delay. My ability to participate in the event was severely limited and the same problem hit a number of other members of my team. I cannot say for sure, but somewhere between 10 and 25 percent of my team could not fully participate. As a result, my team was demoted from P2 to P3 and we all missed out on the higher level team and individual prizes.

Since I had not received a reply after 2 days, I posted a message here early on Monday morning with your name asking how we are supposed to get help for this sort of problem over the weekend. Almost 300 forum users viewed the message, but no one from PG has responded. To say that I am frustrated and bitter over this is an understatement.

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