I am trying to recover my account from my iPhone to my android


It says cross-platform is not available I don’t understand why I have to restart all over again just because I git a new phone is this a forever Thing g? If so your game truly sucks


engine limitation i guess since the game was made for iOS only as far as I know and was introduced to Android unlike other games that was made to let you play on android and iOS (contacting support to get an account token to go from iOS to Android then redeem it inside the game to convert it to an iOS/Android account)

Since I can’t mention another game, on another mobile game, they have this account token where if you contact their CS, they will give you that ID (wrw8232o9hweo) and then paste that once you have opened the game under Settings > Account > Account Token button and it will automatically log in the account and you can play it on the other OS. You will have to contact them again if you want to go back to the other one.

but as far as i know, multiple instance of doing that may damage your account and should only be done like 1-2 times per account


This is one of the threads where CampusLifer goes into more detail about iOS <-> Android - excerpt below.

Details for nerds: The iOS game was developed using the Apple standard SDK called CoreData (https://developer.apple.com/library/...ata/index.html) for saving data to disk. This library is the common choice for high performance disk usage and object serialization on apple devices, but this is a proprietary object serialization library only available on iOS. On android, we had to use something else. The file formats between apple and android devices are not compatible, which implies we can’t just easily copy your game data across platforms. For us to make this work, we need to unify the file formats and also write converters from the old fileformats to whatever new unified fileformat we decide to use. We also need to do a bunch of performance tuning to make sure that this new fileformat has performance on par with CoreData. It’s definitely possible, but it’s a lot of work and it’s pretty dangerous that we cause a problem transitioning our millions of player’s data on their remote devices across the file format change [and breaking their games].

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Thanks fir the information it’s greatly appreciated I had no idea it tion so much to transfer data


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