I can not access the current event

I can not seem to access where to go to start getting chests or if they are dropped random in regular attacks I am not getting any at all. Any help would be great.

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The actual battle phase of the event has not started yet. No chests (getting rubies instead) is a known issue.


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Yes, we are aware of this issue, it affects everyone, not just you.

The event itself (as all PvP - major - events) comes in two phases:
The first day is the Treasure Hunt,
after that comes the 4-day Battle Phase, where the islands will be available for attacking.

Yes, I can confirm what Liz says about the chest drop issue. In my LC and alliance chat last night there were no less than a dozen people saying that they were not getting any chest drops, including several of my team mates.

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As your questions have been answered and this thread counts as duplicate, I am closing it.

Please continue the discussion in the thread I linked earlier.