I can not send a messages :(

Hello. Faced with this problem, the mail does not work, I can write in the chat, but personally with the players can not, click “reply” in the letter pop s up an empty window and nothing can be written. I changed the keyboard several times, it does not help.

Have you filed a ticket?

U might be banned from sending mail if u have been reported enough I believe. Do u send offensive msgs often? :joy:

Did you click in the box before you tried to type? If you are on a phone/tablet did the keyboard show up but not work?

Yes. I click on the box “to:”, “Subject” - no reaction.
The keyboard appears only if I click in random place.

Nope. I didn’t send any messages at all lol.

:thinking: probably device problem…
I remember one of my teammates had the same problem with his old phone…
He hasn’t experienced it again after changing phone.
Both are android.

Its a device problem. I have the issue but its a little worse at some times. I have to restart my device so that I can message people back.

It could also be your connection to the game. I would not recommend using mobile data because that just kills your devices internet.

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