I can’t attack my gold mine

I went to attack my gold mines like normal and when I tried to attack it said that I needed to move there. Any ideas?

Did you try moving your primarch there? Or if you have more than one, perhaps you have the wrong one in a different area highlighted?

Atlas noob: how do you move your prim to a gold mine? I’ve never seen the option

You only need to be in the same region. You can’t move to the mine itself anymore. Just make sure the primarch you want to use has a YELLOW circle around the icon. It means that’s the one currently being used.

Go to an island near the mine you want to use.

I am in the same region and only have one prim and it’s highlighted so :woman_shrugging:t2:

Try moving to another castle in the same region

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I updated my iOS and it fixed I don’t know why but it fixed it @moderators you can close this thread