I can’t breed my dragon

Today I was getting a dragon, but all the sudden it says “ need level 3 dragon den to breed dragon” and my dragon den was already a higher level than 3, so I don’t know why I can’t breed that dragon, if you see this, I need help.

Welcome to the game and welcome to the forums!

Since you didn’t give us too many details, I’ll do my best. First of all, ensure that your dragon den is indeed leveled up. Then check other potential reasons you can’t breed that specific dragon. This could be level in general, breeding castle level, not enough tokens, etc.

Here’s a fantastic site where you can check mostly all of that stuff:

After checking everything, you can file a ticket in game through settings → help.


Are you sure it was referring to the den and not to your breeding castle? If you are trying to breed a dragon using blue tier parents it will require a level 3 castle.


and did u get the egg but can’t hatch it ,if so lvl up the incubator :slightly_smiling_face:

If you could take / share some screenshots of the issues you encountered, that will be helpful! Because, sometimes we do tend to have different interpretations of the things we read / see in game! :green_heart:


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