I can’t change email

I can not change the email address because I do not spend money :rage:

You should have ability to change email 1 time
I guess,it’s limited,to avoid selling accounts deals

it’s more like if you don’t know your exact account creation date and didn’t purchase anything, it will be hard to tell if you are the owner of the account.

most company relies on the purchases that you made before they change your email or account like what I did on Blizzard. I lost my account, made a new one, contacted support saying I want to recover the games I had on my previous account, lucky I still have my CD-Key for my diablo 3 and they transferred it to my new one with all the data still intact.

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Spending money isn’t a determining factor in changing your email unless purchases have been made on the account. Looking at your account (Kyrho) I can see that at least one purchase has been made, so either you’re incorrect about not spending money, you’re talking about a different account, or the Kyrho account hasn’t always been yours.


Even buying elite once counts :eyes:

I’ve provided the elite account payment invoices, but support tells me they’re not going to be bane because they’re all recent, so I have to do more than one purchase a month!!!
I unfortunately renew the elite once a month
I sent all the receipts I have! I do not know what else to do
The account has always and only been mine

I don’t know what you mean by “bane” here, but if you give me the ticket number from your discussion with support I can review it.

Sure #1073639
Anyway I’ve sent the invoice for the last 2 years and they have just changed mail address.
Finally :sob::sob::sob::sob:

So, the issue with this ticket was that for accounts that have made more than 3 purchases we ask for 3 receipts to verify things, and you didn’t provide that information at first. It looks like you’ve since provided the information and the agent sorted things out for you. In the future just remember to provide 3 receipts (as was requested in the original list of requests) and you’ll be fine.

If you have fewer than 3 total purchases we would of course waive that request.

I gave the three receipts the agent’s answer was this

“Thank you for coming back to us. Unfortunately, the date of two receipts do not match our record. Could you please send us two more recent receipts of your purchase?”

however I’m glad that everything has been solved
Thank you so much

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