I can’t get blue eggs for builders hut!

Why cant I breed any blue eggs for my builders hut??? I’ve tried different combos and can’t get a single blue egg. I’m stuck on my builder hut! Help!!


100 tokes per egg

Does she even have blue dragons?

I’m over level 200 and I have already done that breeding combination.

I have platinum dragons lol

Do you mean obsidian eggs?

:thinking: Sapphire Eggs? Platinum dragons are a tier behind for extra sapphire eggs. Pick a breeding path (e.g. Red’s), stick with it, and you’ll get sapphire eggs along the way. It’d probably be a good idea to stop or significantly slow down on leveling, if you’re over 200 and are at platinum dragons.

Edit: You might find Red’s check-in useful. Gameplay would be more satisfying at your level by having at least a couple garnets, even better with emeralds.

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Dude yes. If you have platinums in your 200s…

@Pinkybaby I just checked your base and you need platinum eggs. Best combo is munin and vulcan. My main account got plenty of eggs by breeding Kaiju and Rizar last breeding event.

If that’s the case, they should just get on a path. No need to waste tokens

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