I can't access events tab or any atlas tabs

I’m on Android 6 and I am missing out on my tribute from atlas and cannot load energy for the event.I can’t access any webpages that pg makes us load in game it just makes my game freeze and not do anything. The new update messed up the game for me.

maybe get a new device? I didn’t know wd would even run on Android 6…

This device can play the game at high settings if I wanted it to. So what’s the point of getting a new phone. Pg just needs to fix it’s mistake. @Crisis @Arelyna

This is the solution in game just forces you to upgrade your OS :man_shrugging:

The phone maker doesn’t offer anything above android 6.0. that’s a workaround not a fix.

I agreed 100% because most people would upgrade there OS if they could. Similar to leave your team and re join workaround for team chat a while back. Unfortunately there is no other fixes right now.

I am also having the same issues. Can’t get into the event or atlas event. Can’t manage in atlas or get the missions.

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