I can't use atlas



So I use atlas for the first time and it loads to 406/ 407 then it crashed I think or it wouldn’t load any more and then when I click on atlas now it stays stuck on this screen no loading bar but the tips still flick thru

I really need some help here please help


Sometimes it takes an incredibly long time the first load into atlas on that last file. Make sure to let it set for quite awhile.

We have a new update coming in the app store today, that should also have improvements to this situation.


So Ok thx l


On atlas Tim tells me to use portal but when I try to it says follow the instruction but it is the instruction


On atlas it tells me to use portal on tutorial but I can’t because it say follow the instruction even tho that is the instruction can’t u help me there or tell me if it is a bug


Can you see a blue portal anywhere on the map? It should be south of the base you conquered.

Were you able to attack the enemy blackblood and conquer his castle before it asked you to use the portal?


Black Blood? Can’t u just skip tutorial because I cand do anything even move because it just says follow the instruction and the portal doesn’t show but theres a arrow pointing no nothing that says use portal


U there


We have been using the accounts stuck to help our bug-fixing. This is why we had not skipped you at this moment. I have now skipped the tutorial for you.


Now I have joined another team witch is sapphire 1 and I can’t access atlas there even tho it’s rank 89 in global leuge and sapphire 1 so pls help


Atlas isn’t always available to teams in S1 currently. Depending on the team it could or could not currently have access. I think the official rollout that was planned for last week is finally coming soon.

Does the rest of the team have access?


None of them have access as off what I know but when will all sapphire 1 teams get it


Like I rly need to know


Please I was just about to win a prize


@pgEcho Can you skip it for me too please. I’m stuck trying to use a portal which isn’t there.



@pgEcho and @PGDave my team got the atlas today. So far I have 3 players that have glitches in the tutorial and need to be skipped.

SerThanksAlot Level 100 is stuck on the portal step. We have looked all over and rebooted tons, zoomed in and out and around, there is no portal showing up.

YourMomsBox666 Level 209
Soon as atlas opened its zoomed far out, when trying to zoom into the training zone there are no castles, just dirt trail and will not summon. (He runs another account also and it didn’t do this and went through tutorial smoothly)

Panthro45 it opened up and told him to summon. Then told him he can’t summon until he selects a Home. If he tried to select a Home it tells him he can’t, he needs to follow instructions and summon.


BriggyDaBomb (IGN) lvl 298 is having the same issue with the tutorial. Could @pgEcho @PGDave please look into this?


Duvalwave (IGN) level 119 is stuck in the tutorial. Can you please check into this?@pgdave @pgEcho


cant use rhe tutorial as well it just says stick to the instructions but I cannto move to the first castle anyway


Please reset my Tutorial , the Portal doesn’t appear since two days.
Im caught in this trap, maybe you install a reset button for this case.
Thx Tom