I challenge you PG

I’m a quite long player of around about 2 years. I was about when the seasonal dragons first arrived I was about when the first atlas beta was released, (why build ship’s)?

Slowly month by month, season by season PG keep effing the game up with each update, and when we the players complain we get the same replies over and over and over again.

  1. We are looking into it.

  2. We realise this may be an inconvenience we will do our best to resolve the issue.

  3. It has been brought to our attention.

  4. We are in discussions about it and will update you.

I have witnessed the very few good times and a crap load of bad times in this game.

Yet PG still tinker with the game with updates that are not needed or wanted, never seem to update the bugs and glitches that they cause with each update that effect us players, and then change the whole game on a whim, without notifying the players (sorry that last part was a lie). They do inform us of game changes a couple of days before they do it, and then only in the forums never in-game using the news mail.

How many of the PG employees actually play this game? By the look of decisions that have been implemented I guess not that many.

Here is a crazy idea why don’t you form a PG TEAM just to show us how all the new changes make us stronger how to hit the 450 sigil prize in every event using the 3 week Rota (according to pg chocolate and pg rocket this doesn’t effect the overall event points).

Maybe then you can understand the frustration that we players go through every time we log on to play WD.


I personally doubt it and to me that speaks volumes.


I’d love a PG team, welcome to atlas!

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Poor PG team gonna get warred and spanked and squished and farmed and trolled.



Yes, exactly. And then they could do 24 wars every day, not leaving any time to do their job… So there is no point on doing that.

Well if they made accounts that wouldn’t be recognized as PG then that could work :thinking:

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There are PG employees who play on teams. Don’t know if any of them are competitive teams.

I don’t believe they have the time to grind, and I don’t believe they have a clear understanding of saving/using rubies and chests, because they receive them as compensation for playing.


Not if the team name is PGEmployees :eyes:

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Every time I see this thread, I think…

…to pistols at dawn!


I agree they need to make a team, but should be anonymous so as to protect them and let them have the natural feel of the game.
To add:

  1. They should not have the modding powers.
  2. Players should be representative from each department of their company.
  3. Leader should be Jared or the rep from their finance dept.
  4. When they reached Plat League (naturally), they need to wait for the release of Atlas before they can join in too.

PS. I hope they have different types of phone, from the oldest to the newest.

But they would not take this challenge. It’s outside their comfort zone.


I believe there was a team :see_no_evil:

Last I head about 9 months ago they were in Plat 3 or 2. Something like that

Yeah, but not a team that played legitimately :see_no_evil:


Imagine the pissed off peeps if PG employees were doing wars stuff when there was a new glitch that needed fixing.

For example, PGCrisis is busy defending so can’t give updates to the forum. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


If that happened, she should get the finance department on to defend while she works on putting out forums fires :joy:


How many of the PG employees actually play this game? By the look of decisions that have been implemented I guess not that many.

Here is a crazy idea why don’t you form a PG TEAM just to show us how all the new changes make us stronger how to hit the 450 sigil prize in every event …

I find posts that ask this and ask them to do this absolutely hilarious. To even ask such a question is ridiculous to me. I know of very few people that actually find something fun once it becomes their job and willingly does it any chance they get. Those that do normally work 80+ hour work weeks and enjoy it.

Contrary to you, I would say rather they not take your advice and play as we do. The game itself becomes a job just trying to keep up with everything especially following your advice to go for the 450 sigil prize every event. They would never have time to actually work on the game. So all those bug fixes people so desperately want fixed, they would never be fixed because they would be too busy playing the game.


I definitely agree; working on a game does tend to kill wanting to play it as passionately as the members. However, it just becomes that much more important that they listen and comprehend player complaints, particularly when regarding topics like how unrewarding war, events, etc. are.

In the cadence thread, people talking about less pvp were often more worried about the prize drought vs calling events fun, then many of the rest just broadly liked it due to being pvp vs specific events.


That is very true. I was quite disappointed to find out they had not consulted anyone that is there for them before release. (I can’t think of the name of the group now. I remember CF, but the other one eludes me.)

I had a whole post written up that I deleted before I wrote what I did. I felt it wasn’t necessary to elaborate.

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Gameplay Faction. :t_rex:

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Thank you! :rofl:

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I find it funny the suggestion that PG wouldn’t have the time to play. I know there are successful people in all levels or businesses that find time to play this game. I do however agree, what we do as a job is not exact fun as a ‘game’ or excape. But that’s is what QA is supposed to do. There should at least be a QA team in the real game. This would allow them to find the issues they missed in testing, or experience the same environment we have.

Not sure if they do negative tests. Or if they test much at all. But to understand compensation and the level of frustration players have I feel this would help. Of course it should not be obvious it’s a PG team, that wouldn’t create a conducive environment. :joy:

Ps, if u pay ur coders per bug fix, that’s not a good idea. Is counter productive. :+1:

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