I challenge you PG


I stopped reporting bugs because # 1 and 3 are the answers I always get. Which is to bad really. The oldest bug I know off is the “weekly medals earned” bug. My weekly contribution never resets. ( I had for 3 years.) Why not fix stuff like that instead of implementing new upgrades and dragons.


Keep them on constant cool down in atlas - see how they like that :woman_shrugging:t2:


Why is it I feel like a team called Hobitton is PG (or has some PG members)?


They gave themselves millions of troops in Atlas and went to attack players. I thought that it was supposed to have been gone by now. Or maybe they just don’t have Atlas now.


Every time I read this thread title, I auto complete in my head

to a duel!


Some dude (or dudette) from that team attacked me a couple times over the course of a couple hours recently… I was like “How do I know that name?” Boom. PG. And they’re higher level than me - bookmarked :rofl:

And when I revenged - I got some gold… :wink:


There’s an army of PG employees. Technically there are two, otherwise their nerf wars wouldn’t be much fun.



Awh looked at the wrong company. I thought it was pocket games, not pocketgems


I can’t unsee it… I wish I could.


More than happy to do this as long as they don’t cheat, or change the rules for the game.


Surely if yo believe in your product you will invest a few hours a day in it.

To me that’s casual play not grinding.


Hours a day behind the scenes coding and in meetings discussing other data related to the game, yes. Actually playing the game, depends on the person but probably not. Even if they do, the developers, the ones who actually work on the game itself, will never see the game the same way a person who is playing as a player would.

Let me give an example. I got into modding games and I have learned one thing from it. I usually start losing interest in the game as a game once I start modding. Sure, I log into the game and “play” but I am not actually playing. I am testing. I am looking for things that work and things that don’t. I don’t play any longer. I don’t think like a player but as a coder. “Oh, this doesn’t work the way that I expect.” Back to the code. “That doesn’t look right.” Back to the art/model. “This player is reporting something but I can’t duplicate it. I can’t see where in the code it would cause that.” Gives the code to someone else to look at to get a fresh eye on things.

Sit down to actually play the game, only stay in it for maybe an hour before I get frustrated on “my” code not working the way I expect. Not what the players expect, not what the players would see, but what I see. There is a hole in the map here. I see it, the players don’t. The text doesn’t clip in this box the way I expect, irks me. The color on the UI isn’t right and doesn’t give the effect I wanted, irks me. So I no longer actually play anymore, I see just the code or elements behind it.

This means that in time, it just becomes work for someone else to enjoy. I play just to work on the mod and fix bugs or to try new things. After a while, I get bored because I’ve moved on to other games that I actually enjoy because I play them and not see the mechanics behind it in more detail that just a player does.

Why do I still mod then? Because I enjoy the challenge coding provides me. It gives me something to do and see if it can be done. Inevitably though, it will ruin the game itself for me as a fun game. If it is that way for me as a simple modder, then someone who does this for a living must have it way worse. They have much more intimate knowledge of the elements that make up the game. In turn, they are disassociated with it as a fun game. It is a job, even if the job itself is fun, the game would not be.

This is why companies have to have game testers, and now, early access or lots of player feedback. (The GPF in our case.) To point out things that they can no longer see or even imagine. You get to a point where you assume the players will play this way, or try this and put in checks against it if you don’t want that, that you no longer see what they might do outside of that. The tests and then the players can surprise you in so many ways that you then have to go back to the drawing board to fix those issues. Sometimes it isn’t possible without a complete rewrite, which for a company could be more costly than just a temporary bandaid patch again and again.

That is why I see comments about the devs playing their own game as hilarious. They just do not see the game as a player does and will not unless they are not the dev for that game. It could well be that devs for another game in the same company, can play War Dragons as a player. Same with someone in the company who does not have any knowledge of how the game works behind the scenes. Otherwise, the person will have a bias not just because they are employed by the company, but because they have knowledge they otherwise would not. It would be like playing chess with yourself.


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