I challenge you PG


I stopped reporting bugs because # 1 and 3 are the answers I always get. Which is to bad really. The oldest bug I know off is the “weekly medals earned” bug. My weekly contribution never resets. ( I had for 3 years.) Why not fix stuff like that instead of implementing new upgrades and dragons.


Keep them on constant cool down in atlas - see how they like that :woman_shrugging:t2:


Why is it I feel like a team called Hobitton is PG (or has some PG members)?


They gave themselves millions of troops in Atlas and went to attack players. I thought that it was supposed to have been gone by now. Or maybe they just don’t have Atlas now.


Every time I read this thread title, I auto complete in my head

to a duel!


Some dude (or dudette) from that team attacked me a couple times over the course of a couple hours recently… I was like “How do I know that name?” Boom. PG. And they’re higher level than me - bookmarked :rofl:

And when I revenged - I got some gold… :wink:


There’s an army of PG employees. Technically there are two, otherwise their nerf wars wouldn’t be much fun.



Awh looked at the wrong company. I thought it was pocket games, not pocketgems


I can’t unsee it… I wish I could.