I’d hate to ask...😂

In addition to a recent suggestion post Please add more Player Stats!, will we ever see a players war stats or a “war ratio?” Aside from the in-game (team only viewed) stats but similar to and can be seen by the leader or officers to make a better decision on inviting the “unknown” player to the team? I’m sure the player may have an excuse but it’d be nice to see the numbers. :face_with_monocle: yay?nay? Waste of time?

“Wars participated 67
Wars missed 9/67”
“Last war participated in 1wk ago”


I’ve been asking for this for over 2 years.

Win/loss ratio
Battles fought
Time spent in game


Bio should also include “previous team”:thinking::grimacing:

Some people would need a TB of storage for that.

I’m not sure about tracking missing wars cause not hitting in a war they weren’t expected to do (team is outmatched, losing on purpose, etc) isn’t the same as missing a hit in a war they were supposed to do

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Yea was just thinking about that. Not all wars are fought.

:joy: definitely

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