I’d like some opinions on this


I can’t help but notice an alarming number of similarities between the festive dragon (specifically Hati) and my artwork that I submitted in the fall contest.

Anyone else?


Eagle talons, wings and exposed ribs are all similar but the overall design is much different.

I would say those similar elements could be thought of independently of your design. Yours is nice though!


I mean, sure there’s similarities but they’re all fairly common design elements? What do you need opinions for? To claim design theft??


I think the theme is Light and Dark
White and Black, Life and Death. Good and Evil

There is not much we can expect from having Dark design.

Undead, skeleton, bat wings, black.

Though no blood this time.

  1. Check 7. User Content here.
  2. Yours is a beaked skeletal dragon with torn wings - nothing new. Theirs is a wolf design showing some bones - also generally seen before.


I don’t really see any similarities that wouldnt also be found in 100,000 other pieces of artwork. The design for Hati is pretty standard zombie wolf and bat wings arent exactly new

Your artwork is very nice but not exactly the first skeletal dragon ever made


Shit you guys. They stole Fred for making Surt. How can I forgive them??

Ferocious - check
Optimized - check
Efficient at killing max bases - check


You wake up very sarcastic today :joy:


I can see some similarities, especially in the horns, wings and eagle talons. Some of these elements PG have used before (especially the wings). While it wouldn’t surprise me that an app developer could steal IP (it happens all the time), I would suggest you seek a more professional opinion.


I don’t see it. And chances are they’ve been working on this dragon for a lot longer than the fall contest.


Definitely not seeing similarities other than a few elements that are common in a LOT of artwork of dragons…

It has more in common with Icicle than it does your image.


They actually stole this image and edit it a bit.



I’m going to close this thread as we are just trolling now, and while it seems obviously not ripped off, as forScience pointed out, PG would be allowed to use it if they had wanted to.

Your Dragon Art is very nice.

Please PM if you feel this thread should be opened again. Thank you