I definitely Need help PG, explanation is not enough

1 teammate left and 1 new teammate joined my team. But funny part, I’m ineligible to participate in events and quest runs. Why?
PG just says it’s a glitch.
Why am I being punished with no prizes at all? How about I get prizes from you, PG?
I’ve been a loyal player but no use…


Have you filed a support ticket, and if so what is the ticket #?

Your topic has been open 2 minutes. Give everyone a chance. Ask for your ticket to be escalated and someone senior will respond.

Hopefully they will be able to help you get things sorted and put right for you

Actually it’s been open three hours because the same post was made under pg open letter. Not sure how to link or I would do

Because opening a brand new topic on post 6 million of a thread should constitute the start time of a request :joy:

Once you have your ticket filed visit support, if you haven’t been responded to in 6 hours then feel free to tag pgjared here for follow-up

If you are placed 50 on the team contribution, then most likely, you have been marked as the 51th potential contribution.

This is most likely a Russian roulette so if your team mate was the one that got on that place, then you will be eligible and he will not be eligible

Ok! I’ve in contact with PG n opening a ticket. No use:-(
PG told me they can’t do anything but that’s not enough explanation. Why am I being punished as ineligible status? What did I do wrong here?
The least PG needs to step up and help me but rather say - sorry we r looking into but u can’t get any points.
I wish I can provide screenshot but I can’t. Ticket is open since Thursday event started. Seems I’ll get a big fat zero points n no prizes… why?

Next time, try not to invite any people unless every old members have contributed.

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Ask them to escalate it. Someone senior will look at it

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which will be the same since even PGJared himself stated that this is caused by him being the 51th contributor or something.

Better to contribute first before letting people join your team

Not sure if that’s sarcasm or I’ve been misunderstood but just in case I meant actually the post had been open three hours not two min not that I thought they had gone about it the right way

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That is something I haven’t heard before fair enough.

But still. If they want an answer from PG directly it’ll be from asking for escalation or from Jared or another staff member.

@Kenshiki is correct. If another member of your team contributed before you, @FlameDiamond, then you would then become the 51st member of the team and therefore ineligible.

Was you on the team before?

It sounds as if she was? One teammate left & one joined, either of there you?

If neither of those was you then it would have to be a glitch & then not only you don’t receive prizes but it hurts your team as well so you should receive max prizes & team should be awarded avg points

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As everyone has stated, this is how events were intended to work there is nothing to fix here. You only have the workaround @Grumpybigbird suggested in the other thread where you posted the exact same complaint.

Al I’m asking PG is not just making me understand the problem on their end, system? Glitch or whatever. I did not do anything wrong, why am I in ineligible status? My team still has few players who didn’t contribute yet.

Why can’t PG understand me and if I’m not at fault, so PLEASE compensate me.

Since I’m missing playing and no chests, no points, no sigils, no quests prizes, no team prizes. How can this be fair to me? Not fair PG,

Please understand my agony…and help me

Did you submit a ticket? PG doesn’t have to answer you here on forums, but they do have to in a ticket.

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yeah, it’s not your fault, but it’s not their fault either.

you can only blame the people who invited new players on your team for making you ineligible. Numbers of contribution cannot exceed 50 as what PGJared has said on the other forum post.

If you were able to contribute before, then someone from your team would be ineligible.