I don’t get the “falling behind” concern players have 👀

I’m reading some posts about Atlas roll-out and it seems to boil down to some players feeling like they are “falling behind”. I don’t understand why they should feel this way unless they out-built their dragons. :eyes:

I mean players set their own timelines in an abstract way. If it can’t be achieved, either throw more money at it or extend your timeline further out. It’s kind of like real life, why should people expect differently in a game? :cherry_blossom:

It‘s because in Atlas you get a lot of stuff, that you can’t get without it. So the longer the Roll out takes the wider the gap will be and it will be harder for not Atlas teams to compete with Atlas teams. For example beig able to aford a rider on perches to reduce building times. Generally more timers. Easier way of getting xp to level your dragons. Gear for your riders etc.
Now if you are in a team that doesn’t have atlas and you have to compete with teams that aready had it to move up, you have to spend a lot more (money) just to be equal.


So it’s the team falling behind that is the issue … not the individual player. I can understand that then. Thanks. :slight_smile:

The player will fall behind as well, as atlas players can level up quicker. Faster building, more xp…

Can riders reduce building times? How much?

Yes and it depends on the research and gear applied to the rider.

I still think they should remove neutral zones and then just add everyone, that will solve it.


Should be around 12% per perch per rider(leveled) without gear.

This is relative assessment, which I do not agree with. Everyone is leveling through the game at a different speed.

  • Atlas or not, no one will ever never catch the level 600 big spenders, not even a new big spender.
  • If you’re level 300+ and want to keep up with the other level 300+, you’re already in an Atlas team, or have chosen not to be.
  • If you’re level 200ish, it’s going to take Cash, not Atlas, to keep from falling further behind the current level 300+.
  • And if you’re level 100ish, and not already in an Atlas team, you’re progressing just as fast as the vast majority of other level 100ish players.

So when people say that they’re “falling behind”, I wonder, falling behind whom?


You are being very technical , just think of 2 players playing at same pace/rate/scores in events and what not. Difference is the other one has atlas. Should we say that the other one is falling behind? Hmm.

@Atops it is not a relative assessment at all. Doesn’t matter at all what level you are comparing. If someone has a 40% reduced construction time, he will level up faster no matter what level he has. The only way of not falling behindfor the other one is paying for speedups, which the atlas player even gets more for free as well. It’s nothing relative it’s just mechanics.

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I’ve played on teams with and those without atlas/beta… It’s a personal choice. Anyone can work towards getting in an atlas team, if that’s what you want.

From a “team perspective”, your time would be better spent building alliances in atlas and maybe sending a couple of your key players to alliance atlas teams so they can get a better knowledge/understanding.

You’re right. In the hypothetical world where two players spent their rubies exactly the same, ran exactly as many runs, won exactly as many wars, built in exactly the same order, etc. the one with Atlas would pull ahead…

Scratch that, the Atlas player would not pull ahead, because they would need to do more runs, and spend more time to get the Atlas rewards, so No.
The player with Atlas has more tools, but would still need to work harder than the non-Atlas player in order to pull ahead.


There will always be player ahead of you unless you have play this game from the very start

You all are missing the Rider gear aspect. It takes ALOT of time to build good gear and gear is a HUGE advantage at any level. Not having the ability to make gear is a huge disadvantage and the longer they delay the further we fall behind.

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40% seems a bit…excessive. Maybe @mechengg can tell you better numbers.

The max possible construction reduction (hehe) is 37%.

25% from research, which is available to everyone (at least potentially… I realize getting a 5 completed is not actually possible for some players).

12% from rider skills.

There is no gear that reduces time further. And you cannot stack riders, it always uses the highest level skill for any particular thing. So, you can stack them, but overlapping skills or gear are not cumulative.


So @Percy42 and Atlas play can get a max of 12% faster build times. Thanks @SavageAFforPG

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I thought they would stack. Hence 3x12% would be 36% thanks for correcting me. But the point still stands 12% is still a huge advantage as on a 30d build that adds up to 86h that you don’t need to speed up.

Always assume the worst when it comes to WD mechanics