I don’t know what to talk about :-/

someone wana talk about something here???

Hahahaha. How’s your day

Hope u r safe n sound w/o wuhan virus. ;x

:microbe: Covid-19 …
Global Warming…
Tennis cancelled…
Sports played with no spectators…
Next Gadget…
Danav & Naja getting buffed??
And so on so on…

@Hwrd can u add something please?? May be kitty :cat2: stuff ?

I’d respond, but the Internet made me stupid: https://fortune.com/2016/02/03/nicholas-carr-internet/


–InBread Cat
In Bread Cat


There we talk about kitty :cat2: bread :bread:
Thank you :pray::grin:

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That’s funny. I needed that :rofl:

lol sorry if i dint answer but im a little busy

good wt about yours

jajajajja im okay

lol. something is going on -__-

wtf and we didn’t know tht

yes it is

well, GOOD! :smiley:

Goodness, another forum newbie here to open multiple insignificant threads :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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yep got that write