I don’t want to loose my Castle, can you help me please?

Hello guys, we’re two small teams that shared a territory of 2 castles level 2, we were attacked in Atlas by a Sapphire 1 alliance and we already lost one of the castles and the other one is only a matter of time, could you help us to defend and recover our castle, and take advantage to earn some glory points for the Atlas Season. We tried to talk with them, but they didnt answer and we’re totally blocked in our own castle. Our Shield will expires in 3 hours. :frowning:

I hope to see you guys arrive in our support, just as when Aragon arrived with the ghosts army in “The Return of the King”

Territorie: Enkawongo (X -274.5 / Y: -59.5)
Area: Misty Steppes
Our Teams: Implacables and OrdoDraconus
League: Platinum 1

Thanks in Advance :raising_hand_woman:

I wish you luck in your defense.

You really need to build relationships with teams around your ranking as higher teams won’t help because they get little to no glory (Suicidal for troops).

haha I like this but might get messy xd

I’ll be there in a few minutes!! To help… yes… that’s what I’ll be doing… muhahaha

Edit: ignore the “muhahaaha”


Thanks :blush::blush:

You just invited teams to a bloodbath :joy: I’m sure someone’s going to take advantage of the chaos, evict the other team, and keep the land

-this is the primary reason most are against lower league teams in atlas


Sooner or later as Atlas keeps getting expanded there will reach a point where all lower teams will be able to hold onto a castle, since you can only have 150 primarchs per team theoretically, and spreading them very thin is to invite danger. And diamond tier teams will not bother with level 1 or 2 islands.

But right now it’s still dangerous out there for lower level teams.

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