I don't enjoy playing the game much these days

Yes. That is me, who’s becoming less and less interested in keeping on playing WD.

(+1 more device, which was taking the picture… and a few more devices not near where I am sitting.)

I need some advice on getting a second wind for WD.

Any suggestions?

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I wouldn’t enjoy WD either if I had upwards of 6 accounts to upkeep

I’d drop most of those and focus on a single account and see if something changes


That has been done. I don’t play 30 accounts anymore.

The current 9 are all 500~600 that I’m too attached to drop…

6 is still too many :grimacing:


Taking part of multiple teams is fun though… :frowning: (which is the main reason I haven’t quit the game yet…)

Especially for a troll like myself.

Do you enjoy it for the social aspect? There’s plenty of social chats if you want to consider cutting down accounts :sweat_smile:


I should probably consider that. But I’m not sure cutting down more accounts to play on will cause my second honeymoon into the game.

My prime was when I did play 30+ accounts. :rofl:

I don’t know. The way I never had to rely on others kept me going back then, but I just had to give most of them up at lv 300s and 400s because, like you said, those were simply too many to keep up, and we had 300 wall.

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9 500+ ???

  1. I have one account on one team. When it’s slow, I have a few in game chats that are usually entertaining.

  2. I surround myself in game with people who enjoy playing, rather than people who complain. New, eager & excited players who want to try to beat me in the event (good luck!)

  3. I DGAF about what level I am or which dragon I breed next event. I generally follow the breeding guide, and generally grow slowly, but I really just have fun. As long as I can still beat bases 100+ levels over mine, then I figure I’m balanced-ish

  4. Come join us with one of your accounts. I’ll make it fun again - message my IGN DoomBringer :wink:


I’m happy to help with some :new_moon_with_face:


Go here for all of your answers: LFM - Gold - BlackFlaggers - Active

Thought my friend with 10 accounts was a lot :flushed::grimacing: Sounds as if you are suffering from burnout, maybe is time to take a serious break, and set WD aside for awhile…This makes for wondering how many others players are running many Alts, and how it skews with how many actual players we have making up the player base as a whole…


There are teams present in the game formed solely for alt storage. They are generally inactive, but provide a sort of relaxed environment in which your alts can sit, and you don’t have to worry about them. I would humbly advise you to find some of them, and send some of your unused alt accounts to them. I would be more than happy to point you toward some if you have trouble locating any, in which case you could just PM me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You don’t enjoy playing it because you’ve made it a job. Not a game. Just because you’re attached to 9 accounts does not mean they need to be very active and current and the best of the best. Put them on a fluff team and drop to two at the most that you want to devote your time to. I would assume that (mostly because when I had several accounts this suffered for me) you aren’t super social in the teams themselves because you’re running so many accounts that the accounts themselves are the focus. Connect with your teams. Remember, almost all of the people who play say they stay for the people. Not the game. Cutting the people out of that equation takes away the social and family aspect.


I humbly request the use of a alt over 500 to build our community a real
Chest run since Chestbase4all was removed recently!
:pray: the community could really use one over 500 one at 400 and another at 250!

And if you maintain them minimally to keep them active and growing a little that would be beyond awesome :muscle:


Well played, sir


and I have no doubt that they would be welcome on xpfarmsloose, seeing as I have some connections there. You’d be able to stay as active as you like and get prizes while also doing a huge service. There are several members of xploose who actively participate in events and atlas.


9 accounts :scream: and here I am got burnt out by 2 lol, hence I am only playing just my main now and it still feels like a chore :sweat_smile: