I dont have the new island look

I know a lot of people are saying that it’s too dark, but I do t even have it. What’s to dark? I updated the game but still no dark islands is that only an Android thing? I play on an iPhone 6.

Did you update?

Come on lol, not even a long read

lucky you

Wow. That’s just sad. I should read stuff :scream:


Everything’s fine. I have Android.

I noticed the theme went away last night? Maybe not 15 hours ago…but it returned this morning.

Maybe the theme is alternating…like a normal day :flushed:

I deleted and reinstalled the game and I now have it! I like the lantern fish for no apparent reason. @moderators you can close this!

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When you hatch a dragon, you can see the giant moon, and it looks great! :+1:

I agree! It looked kind of weird against Fomhar’s black and gold.

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