I don't like mega coins

u know…i’ve always tried to not jump on the let’s hate pg train…but for christ’s sake this mega coin bullshit enrages me. this fight pits event could actually be cool if after my team busts their asses trying to get that stupid green arrow to advance there wasn’t the opportunity for some lazy ass team spending a mega or two to put us out of contention last minute. we worked for it. we WORKED FOR IT. u little sorry ass new teams who like things easy by spending some assets to get ur way…and pg giving u that out…u are all pathetic. it’s not a competition…it’s not an event. it’s a joke. wtf is wrong with u pg? get ur heads out of ur asses. i’d just tell my team to blow these pvps off but now u take league points from us if we don’t line ur pockets. i’m fine with u selling ur ridiculously high priced packs but these coins make events like this impossible for teams who just love the game and want to compete on a somewhat level playing field. either lose the coins or stop taking league points from us. this feels very much like a local gang requiring payment from local business for protection from themselves. take some notes from COC. they know how to make millions without alienating players who can’t afford to spend a lot of money. not sure how u sleep at night to be honest.

end rant. :man_facepalming: smh


By your logic, if several member of the other team use super on your team at the same time, it’s not cool?

  1. PG has limit the mega coin use, which is not available at the last 15 minutes of each round. Given the amount of time, from the last mega, there should be at least 10 minutes. It’s more than enough to retaliate with some supers. Or use your own mega.
  2. Mega attack has its own drawback. It’s sacrificing 33.3% points (30x points for 45 worth energy).
  3. It’s not like you have to pay to use mega attack. The energy and inner fires can be obtained from chest, and the remaining can be paid using rubies. By completing each achievement, we can get rubies for free, and chest can be obtained from farming.

ROFLMAO… you really are funny.

Let’s not kid ourselves OrcaFrost the mega coins are just another way for PG to make money. Most who use them don’t get them for free they spend money to get them. They are just another way for players and teams to pay to win. And PG has no problem with that because they have been all about the pay for the last couple of years.

These coins suck and are the worst addition to the games events in a long time.


Maybe it depends which league you are in but we aren’t having a huge issue with them in this event. Like previous person said, if you have a couple team mates on to do few super attacks at the end of the round it’s possible to still go up. But you do have to have team work and a bit of strategy.

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exactly. it absolutely IS money-driven, and we all know that. limiting their use in the last 15 minutes does not make them fair. they need to bring back the bonus meter…that was fair cuz it rewarded real effort in the events…not sitting on ur ass doing nothing and then dropping a coin or two with 20 minutes left. it’s a joke.


I agree with you @salieri! It’s f-ing sad that a spender will do as well as someone who’s willing to put in work. What’s more deplorable is that you can see, near the round cut off for Mega, how this is affecting game play. My team is not spending. We were in 2nd place and going to be moved up to the next level…then in 15 minutes we get bumped to dead last because of Mega coin attacks. There’s no way to come back from that thru regular attacks, no matter how organized the team is. Unless we want to secure our position with cash. So the spenders are rewarded and sheer hard work and determination don’t pay off anymore? People who can’t afford to drop $40-$100 dollars per event are quickly losing desire to play and the Credit Card Warriors will, as always, come out on top.


Love how PG actually implements a change that was near universally called for and it still isn’t enough.

How was it universally called for, the bonus meter couldn’t be filled and made the most of unless you spent at least some money but at least the people who were limited on the amount they could spend could still do well. These mega coins are a joke, I counted it out, you can actually do better in the long run on super attacks with the amount of energy crates they use for 1 mega coin.

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i dont get it. Every Game benefits Paying Players. this one aswell. where is the problem? if u got a active team where for example 20 people drop a superattack at the same time you will win. if u are a group of slackers - you wont. (no offence. i dont know your team)

a lot can change if u guys are working togheter and not only for your own “Individual Prizes”


When mega coins were introduced there was a very broad consensus among players that if Mega Coins were to stay (and if you think PG would ever get rid of that money maker you’re a fool) then limiting their effectiveness via a cut off period during rounds was one of the ways to go.

PG did just that, giving you 15 minutes of times to make up for any mega coin attacks (which is very doable) and it’s still complained about in this thread.

Maybe if you complain louder they’ll make it 20…or 25…

Not the point, the point is it is unfair to the people who aren’t rolling in cash to spend. They won’t make enough money to keep the game going in the long run if they make it so only the rich can afford to play. Like it or not the Rich are a minority in society, so if they are going to make it so only the rich can do well they will drive away the lower paying fanbase and all the leagues from Platinum down will eventually become inactive if they continue to humour the rich.


The old bonus meter system made it so everyone could earn a fairly good amount of points in the war events but if you were willing to drop a few coins into it you could make the most out of the bonus meter. This mega coin crap only benefits the people with more money than seance. I counted that it costs 10 crates for 100 energy = in 5 super attacks. It costs 11 crates + 20 inner fires for 1 mega coin. You can get 116 energy for those crates and do 5 super attacks using 3 dragons equipped with inner fires = 15 inner fires used and still get more points than the mega coin attack. It’s utter nonsense that they think the mega coins make the game better, it makes it unfair and will eventually ruin the game for those of us who cant afford to pop 100 bucks per event into the game. In the long run only the rich and stupid in leagues like diamond and sapphire will be left because all the poorer players would have given up because they can’t earn any good dragons anymore.


I can make plenty of points by grinding. I don’t use mega coins and only rarely use super attacks.

There was never a bonus meter in The Pits… only second time we’ve played it.


@TheTXI yet if you were in a league with the big money spenders you’d soon get pissed off at the fact they’ve catored to the rich when every attack is a mega coin attack.

@LethalRyder I’m aware the pit is a new event but the mega coin system is used in every war event not just the pit.

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It’s not about money 100%, but yes Money does help. I personally am not a spender outside of Elite status (expect maybe $40-$60 over like 18 months.

However, I still have enough resources to use mega coins when needed. Unless you’re talking Diamond league or maybe S1, mega’s aren’t really an issue (comparing my main in Diamond and mini in Plat 1).

In lower leagues, it’s more about team strategy. However, I RARELY see plat level teams and Sapphire 2-3 level teams attacking properly as a team. People do their own attacks, on their own time, and think they did “their part”.

However, a game like the Pits is very strategy based overall. No one should be spending all their energy until the last 15-30 minutes. I’m not going to give you the details on a strategy, but I do disagree this event is money based completely.

Yes, top teams do spend money, but even in Diamond a majority aren’t big spenders, yet their teams perform well.

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No one said the event was money based, people said the GAME is becoming too money based. Pay to win is what it’s becoming and if it continues to go that way they will loose a lot of paying customers


and the whales will still pay 3k+ $ every event.

may i know in which league u are?
i mean this mega coins are a regular Way foe Events here in D1. i used only like 10 since they released them. im using most of the time single attacks or supers if im short on time.

We were in Platinum league but started over just after the last event, I personally think they should bring back the bonus meter as they will make more money in the long run with that than the mega coins.