I don't like mega coins


You don’t really have any business talking to me about “once you get to a bigger league” if you were only just in plat. Been there done that, dealt with mega coin attacks, it is what it is.


yeah i was also a bonus meter fan. :confounded:
well im also a decent spender but i would never blast 1 or more mega per round.
i prefer other expensive hobbies :grin:


Except that mega attack events have pretty much become “pay to play” events. If you don’t pay, you end up in last place.

Disabling last 15 naturals is a good start, but for a 6 hour/round event, should be disabled last hour and give teams a chance to fight their way back.


new flash to all the whiners on this thread. heres a life lesson to learn… LIFE ISNT FAIR. and no amount of whining in the world will change that. i get so tired of people on these threads whining and complaining about a FREE game that the dont like.

um… take some accountability in your life. if something isnt working for you, CHANGE IT. if you feel something you are doing isnt worth it any longer… QUIT DOING IT. you cant change other people (or companies) you can only change your own actions. they sooner you learn this hard life lesson, the less discontent you will be in general. geez


again… its a FREE game, of course they have to make money other ways! do you want to work for free? neither do the employees at Pocket Gems i suspect.

You could always choose to exercise your right to go buy a traditional non-free game if you only want to have to pay once to enjoy the fairness of it. no one is forcing you to pay “unfair” free games


The mega coin is only a benefit to PG and PG alone. It’s sole purpose was to make even more money, don’t kid yourself it has nothing to do with allowing ‘inactive players help their team’.

It pushes those in the competitive leagues in a bind. If you think 10mins is enough time to make up for someone hammering mega coins you haven’t seen how many an individual will and can throw down.


No offense intended, but maybe you’re in a league over your head? My teammates and I hardly spend much at all and remain quite competitive in platinum. The 15-minute cutoff has been working quite well, imho. Win some, lose some…


Seriously. Our team literally got split in half like two days before the event started and I think we came in to it (Plat IV) with like 36 players and we’ve been doing very respectably given our circumstances.


I’m not saying I like mega coins, but someone using a mega coin also likely worked for it. They just worked in real life to earn enough money to have a disposable income, as opposed to playing a video. To each their own


You could always focus your efforts on getting a better job instead of playing a video game.


The memo is if you don’t like something don’t do it. This game isn’t perfect but you meet some awesome people. Spenders will be spenders they worked for it, they get stuff you dream about. So be it. Cry a river, build a bridge & get over it. Anything in this world is money based. Unless you just woke up from hibernation from the last 100 years. You won’t win everything but you sure can try. Yes takes away from the competition to grind but not everything can be our way. Find another game where if you don’t spend & see if you’ll be on top…


You seriously throwing around the get a better job card? You’d have to make well over 100k a year to be even remotely comfortable spending a large amount on this game. Could I afford to spend a buttload on this game with half that pay, sure but it’d be about the dumbest thing anyone could do. And that’s completely dependent on where you live. Mega coins or not, an event should be enjoyable to all. That said all they really need to do is bring back the bonus meter


Well if you’re going to sit here and complain about “the rich” then go try to make more money instead of blaming them for having what you dont


Takes much more effort than just simply changing where you work to make that kind of money. It’s also not a quick fix for one who enjoys playing a game such as this. The point is people aren’t asking for what the rich in this game have, but some of the things completely catered to them have made the game unenjoyable for those that don’t. At least in some of these events. I will say for personal points this event doesn’t seem to be too bad, our team is on our way to getting it’s second 300 sigil team prize which wouldn’t happen in other PVP events. For myself the 6 hour rounds resetting energy costs are great. I’m only averaging about 4K points per round.


I agree on the Mega coins. They ARE complete b.s. When you have several different teams using Mega attacks against you, 10 minutes worth of super attacks is NOT going to regain but a fraction of the points lost. I know a number of people who’re tired of the greediness taking place in this game. Bring back the bonus meter!


Mega coin really ruined the pvp events. Our long term effort simply destroy by other teams using mega coins . Mega coins very advantages to people who r high money spenders , some r putting money like a water and not only earn points but also make no meaning of others efforts . :man_facepalming:


Someone even though rich , don’t like to spend money in games . Money shouldn’t rule the game .


Pg took good step to stop mega coin ( :moneybag:) before 15 minutes in every round . Congrats. But make it longer plz .


Why should it suit you someone not for the mega coin… the mechanics of mega coin is awesome 1 run at the cost of 20 inner and 10 energy box it’s good for players that don’t have time to do 20 single runs with 1 inner each run… if anything the single run points should be higher to help those only using 16 energy and get players to grind again.
Edit: maybe instead of time limit for mega have it limited to 1 mega per player per round…


Perhaps not instead of but in addition to