I don't like mega coins


Yes I like that! Thank you


@TheTXI and you have no right talking to me like I’m stupid I have a lot of friends in the higher leagues like sapphire and diamond. Just because I don’t feel like I’m strong enough to join them doesn’t mean I don’t know what those leagues are like.


@BetterThanGod like it or not mate, if it wasn’t for people like me you would have anything to play when your bored. If you want to start trying to make excuses for the greed of this company go right ahead and Kidd yourself. If mega attacks are the best thing ever then work this out.

I spend 100 energy and 20 inner fires on 1 mega coin
I do a mega attack using 4 dragons equipped with inner fires earning 4888 points for the attack. I then do a super attack on the same person using 3 dragons equipped with inner fires earning 1007 points.

Had I used my 100 energy on super attacks and used the inner fires I spent on the mega coin I’d have earned 5035 points and only used 15 inner fires :fire:. If it wasn’t for people like me you’d have no good games to play and there’d be no free walkthroughs online for you to use.


Now that I don’t lead a team I won’t, but I was averaging 2-3 an event and I’m pretty much a non-spender. I’ve got ruby elite, so I don’t spend on elite. I’ve bought 3 $20 packs over 28 months of playing, none in over a year. It’s far from just the people that spend. It’s the only vehicle to score points quickly, which is a strategic advantage. The bonus meter was a better balance but since Pg removed it from all but KOTH, it’s what we got.

And Mega coins aren’t making this event tough. Poor planning and a team that can’t follow directions will make it tough.


Well that response was about as closed minded as it could be. For starters, at no point did I say that mega coins were a good thing. Nor did I say that free players are worthless. I did say that just because someone used a mega coin doesn’t mean that they didn’t work for it. I also suggested that instead of being angry at people with a greater income than you, you should instead work harder to earn more.


@BetterThanGod I am not angry at the people with better income than me, if you are going to accuse me of being closed minded then learn to read before you accuse me. I have never once turned round and said the people who spend money are ruining the game. I said that PG focusing on making money by catering to the people with more money is ruining the game. So don’t jump on my ass calling me closed minded if you refuse to read my post properly before you rip into me.

If you want to talk about being closed minded try reading my posts properly then read your original post and how closed minded that was. Don’t accuse me of being something you are just because I backed up my point.


so ur argument is that people with less time, therefore less active and less invested in the game, should have the advantage over the converse? the bonus meter was fair to both money players and those who can’t spend a lot if any…and it properly rewarded dedicated pay in events. it’s like a group running a marathon, putting in the pain sweat and effort to run 22 miles only to have some lazy dude sitting on his ass til the end, taking a shortcut and winning the race with hardly any effort. i don’t subscribe to that ideal. ur ideas, if they insist to not bring back the bonus meter are a better start tho. at least severely limit the use of megas. and an hour is more reasonable than 15 minutes. u can not recover in 15 minutes after dropping to the bottom if they finish the round hammering u with supers. let’s not kid ourselves…it’s a highly unfair advantage to people that don’t want to put in the work. that’s the true spirit of gaming isn’t it? working hard to achieve ur goals in the game? instead of just buying it. i’m not anti-spending, ive spend a little money myself…it’s not about that, it’s about unfair advantage.

as for pgs side…i get the need to make money, and the more the better. however…consider this (and i’ll once more reference COC as an example, cuz a little money goes a long way in that game…as a result, vastly more people spend cuz most can afford 5 or 10 bucks here and there to get a fair return):

would u rather own 1 5-star french restaurant that charges $100 a plate, or 25 mcdonald’s franchises? i’m taking mcdonald’s cuz by volume alone i’m gonna make tons more money. food for thought PG…pardon the pun. :joy:


This is one of many “Pay to play, PAY to win” games. The programers don’t care about how anyone feels, as long as you line their pockets. It is great for those who have money to burn and hell for those of us who do not.


The concept is solid but their implementation has been terrible. The scale doesn’t currently work with any of the events properly.

That being said, I really like what they have tried to do with fight pits. They attempted to prevent use in the last 10 minutes by stopping anyone from initiating an attack with one in the last 15 min.

There is unfortunately a loophole that a ton of people immediately figured out (and it could be considered cheating since it clearly circumvents an intended mechanic) which is allowing many people to deploy a mega coin in the last minutes of the round.

Like it or not the game wouldn’t exist without spenders. The general idea is that people will spend money to save time. But unfortunately for free to play, Time is finite, spending is not.


Perhaps I am missing something, and maybe this has already been suggested (I didn’t do a search yet, sorry :see_no_evil:), but why can’t we have both a bonus meter and a megacoin, where the megacoin does not stack onto the bonus meter? It would still be more points than the what the bonus meter allowed, but would still provide a small reward for people who grind. Of course those who grind and use megacoins would reap the most benefit, but those who can’t sit for hours at a time could still slap down megacoins for lots of points, while those who can’t spend for megacoins could be a little more competitive. Also, people like to spend money on different things based on what they think is valuable; people who might not spend on a megacoin might be willing to spend a little on a pack for more energy to keep the bonus meter up (that was definitely me before I stopped spending haha).


Am I the only one that laughs every time I read the title of this thread?


I’m with you here :rofl:


You can but PG chose not to because scale gets really messy. I have not heard any response explaining why not just disable the bonus meter effect from mega coins.


Because that would be logical. And probably a mess to code.


PG either needs to adopt a subscription model or lay off the “free to play but if you want to really play you need to cough up money” model.

I’ve played plenty of free games before, with IAP that enhance the gameplay. WD is not one of those. IAP don’t enhance the game play in WD, they have become a necessity.

Personally, I would rather see a subscription model and get rid of the reliance on IAP, but that’s just me.


totally agreed.


If you edit your post 10-12 more times then I will look at the figures that you have been changing for the past 3 days, until then I’ll be sitting over here in the rich part of the forums


i dont know about the OP, but that is absolutely my arguement!

have you non spenders ever stopped to wonder exactly WHO IS PAYING for your free play game??? i mean someone has to fund the game developers. right? it didnt just magically appear out of nowhere. well news flash… is us the people who spend on the game consistently that fund your FREE play. and you have the nerve to claim that it should be catered more to YOUR liking? really??? if no one spent… the game would quickly cease to exist morons! geez.

so, to sum it up… yes, the higher rewards SHOULD go to those who pay. we spend less time using the product, but PG gets way more income from us. you spend TONS of time using their service/product for next to no money. so in essence when you think about it… if this were a pay for time used type service, you non spenders would be the ones that should/would be owing PG the most money. consider yourself lucky that you have people willing to pay, and hence fund your next to free experience at all. bunch of whiners.


Wow you sound pretty entitled right there … and before you say anything I buy plenty and I also put in the time… buying shouldn’t entitle you to anything other than faster growth imo


buying absolutely entitles people to more stuff… IN LIFE.

heres a quick break down on how it works. the harder you work in school the better college you can go to. the longer and harder you work in college the better job/career you can get into. the harder you work at your career the more money you can earn. the more money you earn the more stuff you can afford to buy/spend. so yeah… its a big DUH to the fact that the more you buy, the more stuff youre going to be entitled to own/enjoy. funny how i have to spell this out to people.

and i treat this game the same way i treated my progression in the rest of my life…meaning i put in the time playing AND spending. i play more hours a week and have more medals than anyone else on my team. (medal count, which you CANT buy).

i certainly think it would be MUCH MORE ENTITLED to whine about needing things to change to cater to me if i didnt even spend any money to compensate the creators of the game! thats just ridiculous and a very juvenile view of how life works in general.