I dont want this dragon

I bought the new Dragon an spend more than 5000 sigil but i dont knew that he has no healing ability i dont want the dragon i want my sigil :sweat::sob: please help me i dont want the dragon i want my sigil please help :sob::sob::sob:

Looks like someone should have read the description before they spent their sigils.


It would be nice, if PG was like Costco… :innocent:


It’s not their job to refund rss because you didnt bother to actually read the description and you have buyer’s remorse. Live, learn and read


Sorry it’s a no return no exchange policy :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I assume we are talking the new invoker. Did you not read his abilities or watch the video

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If it’s morak you got 1 of the 2 best dragons so far of the season. Be confident on your choice :+1:



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You can put in a ticket and pray you get someone who will be understanding and take pity, but unfortunately PG has a long history of not really giving a poop about customers, so they really don’t do much to keep their customers happy. It would be great if we could test drive dragons before we invest in them, but that’s not a thing, so for the future, I recommend waiting a little bit and watching some videos and reading feedback on dragons before you spend sigils.


And here we have the extreme sadness which is the state of the current “season”.

I’ve given up hope PG will wake up and improve this batch of dragons. After all they have done nothing to fix the Abysmal Mythics either.

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It’s not an issue of them not caring. It’s an issue of having to go in and alter someone’s account, removing the dragon and other items from that line and then unclaim those items from the person’s account before refunding the sigils.
That’s a lot of time spent cleaning up someone’s own screwups and if they did it for one person they’d have to do it for everyone.

Imagine how many tickets they’d be getting from people crying they dont like the thing they bought and want a refund


well, you can technically do that by contacting google or apple.

Only if you spent actual money and even then you have to have a legitimate reason, which buyers remorse is not

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If you learn to use the dragon correctly, you won’t need healing spells. Learn the spells intimately, practice plenty, and you’ll have a very useful dragon at your disposal.


just learn to fly him…


Hell I would like to be able to save keys from one season and use the next if the mythics are dismal failures like this seasons are