I drew this for my language arts project



Pretty! great job!


join Artists of War Dragons facebook page and enter this in the contest


I would but I don’t have a Facebook account :cry:


Drew his what?


I think she means “drew this” but just missed the T :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Heh whoops :sweat_smile:


Wonder if any of ya know what it’s for in my language arts project


I got bored so I made a demon version of escanor of the seven deadly sins


I’m so confused by the anatomy of the abs and the disintegrating outfit.

Did Hau cast C2D on him or what?




Ha! I had no idea, but I just ran across a book cover in my library. Any good?


Hmm we’ll the picture I sent is from a book


Both are great!


Any of you draw?


Kinda when I’m bored


That’s actually the only thing I do on my iPad except this game :joy:


Nice drawing!


Thx! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I figured that out when I saw the book at the library. That’s why I asked!

I can now say that I’ve started the first book in the series and am really enjoying it.