I figured out where PG gets their ideas for festive/fun dragons


Was going through my daughter’s book order form and came across chunk and axi…


turn the page and show us the next festive please! :joy::+1:t2:


I totally call some future festive being a possum. (The Australian kind. NOT the American opossum… the American ones are hideous and frightening…)



I vote for making them part of a dragon ability.

Cute and cuddly possum is the base, with defensive stats/abilities.

Murder possum mode is activated by another spell, which makes the dragon all offensive damage and spells.

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Yeah, I wanna see what’s next! :wink:

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I’m fairly certain that America got what was supposed to be Australia’s possum


I would totally fly a llama dragon.

Less sure about this…

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Hey now, opossums are actually pretty cool animals. They eat thousands of Ticks, they are immune to a lot of different snake venoms, they are very resistant to rabies, they can see in the UV spectrum, and they have a double uterus


How about a @Panda dragon. I think a warrior panda would be cool.


That last one might have been inspirational to Necryx :joy::joy:


We need a new Necryx!

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PS I’d fly a leaf nose bat dragon too.


Arent panda’s already useless enough on their own? Making it a warrior would create a uselessness paradox that could rip apart the very fabric of space and time

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I can’t argue with that :rofl::rofl::rofl: The ONE time Australia has the cute & cuddly version of an animal somewhere else in the world the terrifying version exists. Australia usually has the terrifying ones lol.


What do you mean, Pandas are the deadliest creatures on Earth. Have you seen Kung Fu Panda? :joy:


I’ve changed my mind. THIS is the dragon I want to fly.

Possible disturbing zombie dog

Fierce! Also I will need those milky eyes on the artwork please.

Mod edit: added drop down/warning (Which is fine, but its a real dog. Not a zombie. :slight_smile:)



Didnt you wait until after the credits when it was revealed that all of his opponents actually took a dive to make Po feel more confident about himself? Mr. Ping bribed them all with free noodles for life. He then used the Infinity Gauntlet to create more pandas for Po to have as a fake family


Oh, so that’s what happened. Pandas are still the fiercest animals tho.


Not to other American possums they’re not…

In all fairness that’s an angry possum on the right. Who (including people of all sexes) is considered “cute” when they’re that angry?