I fly warriors and maybe you do too :)

Hi all ,

Just thought I’ll throw this post out there in case anyone is looking for some defended videos of warriors in the game . I fly almost all warriors extensively and attack all kinds of bases . I have plenty of recorded runs and many successful runs and a lot of failed runs too .

I post some of my successful runs on a YouTube channel I have and the link is below .

If you like warriors and sorcerers , please feel free to like and subscribe to my channel and also share it with your teammates :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about warriors / it’s runes and riders , please feel free to ask here and I will do my best to answer too .

I am looking forward to get Cuadart soon and get a chance to fly it as well . This season seems exciting :star_struck:


Taught one of my cousins how to fly Reyze when he got sidetracked to fly that non-hunter. :grin: Then, ultimately, most of my family.


I took a long time to warm up to Reyze , but he was quite alright . Decent dragon in its time


Forgot to add “You” in the very beginning of my previous reply. :joy:


Awesome . I’m very glad to know that :partying_face:

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Reyze is actually good?

Check out the Reyze playlist on my YouTube Channel :slight_smile: I have a few videos too

In case anyone is looking to fly Ammak , this is how it looks when maxed out currently