I got the portrait


Erm am I missing something here like errrrr

How is it I got this portrait?
Anyone having this issue too?


I got it too, no season or atlas but new portraits


Odd. That is the portrait for Gunnar, who you obviously have not been able to claim as of yet. Blame it on glitches associated with this sputtering update we’re getting?


My alt has been able to claim it.


Well that is sufficiently odd. Speaking with the team now about this


Portraits are all kinds of wonky


Some got all 4, some got one (me) and some got none.


I got 2


I and a lot of others also have it


I got all 4 too


I and my alt got 2


I got 2. That’s odd


I got 2. :thinking:


I got 1…just glad nothing has changed with PG updates, love the post update bugs :grin:


We will be removing the portraits shortly from everyone’s game since no one should have them unlocked. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Save My Reputation
Inn confused about this 🧐

Awww :frowning_face:, I just hope that doesn’t cause another bug lool


Please have them look into the other portraits. There are lots of issues. Besides the screenshots I posted above, there’s this

BTW this issue above was happening BEFORE the update


@Sharray, I’ve already ticketed the wonky stuff (outside of the portraits unlocking) for an engineer to look into


Great! Thank you!


Another amazing glitch ruined :pensive: