I got the portrait


Aww. And here I was enjoying the random gift of all 4 portraits.


Rude. :triumph:


Good job snitch :joy:


I’d rather have the portraits working correctly lol

And then there’s this


Lol yours is kinda close up portraits


I bet you’re the type of person who reminds the teacher that the homework is due when they forget.


Another tattle tale post. :rofl:


Amazing they fixed that shit right the f away!!


I’m surprised by that too :joy:

Wow so now they have no reason not to fix something when a problem arise and being raise in the forum :blush:


No I don’t remind the teacher, I am a teacher and I don’t even remember things. Until my own student asked me about it.

At least now we see PG solve this ASAP, they have no reason not to when a problem arise and raise in the forum


Except when that problem is something free. :rofl:


Well every free things need to end I guess :joy:


Exactly right!
Solve a issue that hinders the community ( its complicated and working on it, but its in the way future)
Issue that benefits players ( that will be changed immediately) :joy::crazy_face::joy:


Well now. I no longer have my 4 Viking Scout portraits. But on the other hand, I have double Portia portraits.


Glitches galore :rofl::rofl::rofl: im holding on to my rubies for now


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