I had some ideas

-Cloud dragon
-Guardian of Elements, Circle of Dragons. The dragons are equivalent to season dragons, but have spells only on one element, and the colour for their spells are usually exclusive to their own. Each time one of the Element Riders become inactive for a month, people will complete a form to Wardragons to try get the Inactive Rider’s dragon, who will lose it at the end of this period. There will also be a scheduled, five day event, and these events allow you to select a dragon, select its spells once and for all, and uses it for the battles to follow. These battles can be done, at max, 20 times per hour and it fixes your dragon’s level and the level of the Blackblood you will attack, each one increasing per successful attack. Each attack also costs ten energy and five rubies, but the prizes in “My Achievements” increase +1/2x, and the milestones have shorter distances between each one. Why this event, you ask? Those who score higher in this event will have a more favorable outcome of getting on of the Elemental dragons. It’s also something to enjoy if you didn’t earn one of the dragons.
-Underwater version of War Dragon dragon, towers, bases, and spells

These six dragons are equivalent to normal season dragons, and each takes care of an element. Earth, darkness, fire, ice, water, and wind/air. Their abilities are specific to their element, and their spell colours often unique to themselves. Only six have ever existed in the history of dragons, and only six will exist now for the six lucky Riders. But watch out for those elemental totems: the toll they take on your dragon is three times what is shown.
To Earn the Prize
Each time one of the Elemental Riders become inactive for one month straight, War Dragons will release a Google form to the community with questions related to the earning of one of the Guardians. However, before this is a five - day event. The milestones for the event occur more often between shorter distances, and prize quantities are increased. The event is an event focused solely on the battling of the Blackbloods, somewhat like the current Assault event. You will select a dragon design from several choices, choose its category: Warrior, Hunter, or Sorcerer. You will then select a set of spells for your dragon, and with that dragon, you will fight the Blackbloods. There is no going back on this dragon, spell, appearance, or category. Each attack costs some energy. Just like the Assault event, there are set bases you attack - but each of these attacks also sets a level for your dragon. Partial success means partial points. It is also a solo event, and the points you earned can be viewed in “My Achievements”. These points will be incorporated into your Google Forms and give you a higher chance of earning one of the Guardians.
Guardian of the Earth:
Name: Terrasen, Warrior
Based on the Latin word for “land”
Nickname: The Reigning Earthshaker
The ruler of the earth will choke and swallow anyone in its way, but provide stolid support to its allies.
Appearance: A strong warrior, Terrasen is wrapped in green that melt into different colours continuously: white for winter, green for spring, red for summer, orange and yellow for fall. Its face shape is similar to Fennrok’s, and has a horn on its snout as well as horns on its head, which are two times larger than the former one. An assortment of glittering gemstones, melted together in a sleek shape, adorn the top of its head, much like Kyrule’s orange head streak. Along its spine sprout very random gemstone shards, as if stabbed into there by a careless person. Terrasen’s build is stocky and muscular; this can be seen very visibly in its shoulders and its undersides. Coloured a dark brown for the most part, the warrior’s short tail sprouts feathers horizontally, lengthening and shortening again with the start and end of the last half of the tail.
Abilities: Noxious vines, stoneskin shield, ballista resist, tremor (red, 3 rage, 3 seconds long, it completely obliterates one building and stuns the other four of the island for said duration above.)

Guardian of the Dark:
Name: Laruavahn, Hunter
Based on the Latin word for wraith, apparition, ghost, etc.
Nickname: The Dead Emperor
He is born from hate, and shall die when joy has surrendered.
Appearance: Trailing threads of darkness behind him, Laruavahn seems to be part of the dark itself. Shadows obscure much of his body and some of his head, blending in well with the dark blue scales the Dead Emperor possesses. His wings and four legs seem thick with shadows, and while his batlike wing membranes glow with a sheen of black, his legs and tail fade into that colour instead. Sharp horns are adorned with thorns of dead vines, and so are his claws and the hooks on this dragon’s wings. He is not particularly slender, but cannot be classified as “bulky” either.
Abilities: Malefic breath, devour hope (white), death gaze, steal essence
Guardian of the Fire:
Name: Flammarite, Warrior
Based on the Latin word for passion, heat, blaze, flame, etc.
Nickname: The Sun’s God
Like a phoenix from the ashes, Flammarite will rise… and bring down the rest of the world in fire.
Appearance: He bears the resemblance of a phoenix very strongly, and could have been the brother of Aetrix, though stronger and much less skinny in form. Flames trail along the feathered wings, leaving behind a thin blanket of ashes, particularly towards the tips of the feathers. A flame - shaped, horizontal burst of feathers adorn the last one third of the tail, golden in the center and becoming a vibrant red on the outsides. More fire trails after the tail, as well as the dragon’s undersides and the ankles. He possess a broader body structure than his cousins, Aetrix and Septys, and is vastly a gleaming bright gold rather than red or white. A plume of red feathers sits between his two rather simple white horns. His feathers, like Aetrix’s, tend to be melt through various colours, except for those around his ankles, which are a solid bronze colour. Flammarite’s wings, on the other hand, melt away into that sparkling bronze, like Aetrix’s wings does when turning from yellow to red. His face, too, is broader and overall larger than Aetrix’s, but with more bluntness.
Abilities: Heat shield, spitfire turret resist, superheated breath, rising phoenix
Guardian of the Ice:
Name: Nivalicine, Sorcerer
Based on the Latin word for winter, snow, wintry, etc.
Nickname: Prince of the North
His heart, cold as glaciers, will not spare anyone a second thought.
Appearance: His face is similar to the Icewings’ [of Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland] in structure, stocky and blunt. A short, slender layer of glittering icicles spans the area behind his head, and a longer, more elegant layer of thicker icicles lies under that smaller layer. The entire dragon is pale blue and exhales a misty sky blue breath. At certain angles, this dragon is invisible, for your eyes will be blinded by the light its large, arrowlike scales reflect. A silver sheen adorns this dragon’s wings, and a long ridge of ice goes along his spine, in a constant melting position. More ice spikes adorn its tail, from the very beginning to the end horizontally along the tail. It starts out small, then, at the end, seems to explode in a population and size of spikes, for the spikes now span the entire 360 sides of the long, round tail. Silvery plates armor the dragon’s undersides, including the area beneath the long neck, strong jaw, and long, long tail.
Abilities: Ice turret resist, frozen tomb, ice shock, Northern Lights (light)
Guardian of the Wind and Air:
Name: Auraoi, Hunter
Based on the Latin word for breeze, wind, gentle breeze, air, etc.
Nickname: Queen of Clouds
An ancient, transparent ruler who harbors the spirit of a gentle breeze.
Appearance: Auraoi has all the bearings of a gentle giant. She is swathed in light mist from her long neck down, and across her cloudlike wings, with clouds shaped in the vague form of feathers. Her stag’s horns gleam, ominous… and a light layer of fur adorns most of the slender figure. The underside of her square jaws, neck, legs, and tail, however, are smooth and looks a little bare, but never mind that. Sweeping, long feathers span the end of Auraoi’s tail, barely skimming the cloud this dragon rides on in battle. Her appearance is snowy white in the beginning, but from her shoulders down start to have a grey colour - and the end of the tail, which appears to be white - tinted grey, is the same colour as the fur collar around the base of her neck.
Abilities: Lightning resist, wind wall, storm resist, tornado (red, 3 rage, affecting one island max, the spell slowly sucks away half of tower health, weakening nonprojectile effects by a third, and hands over stolen tower health to dragon. Lasts 5 seconds.)
Guardian of the Water:
Name: Procellian
Derived from the Latin word for storms, hurricane, squall, etc.
Nickname: Ocean Angel
Appearance: A serpentine dragon, similar to Sigurd in movement and luster. Its scales are not rounded, however; they are sharper, resembling thin arrows overlapping one another, and each scale is intricately coloured. They’re glowing aqua colour and edged with royal blue - particularly at the point. The royal blue slowly overtakes the other colour as the scales, becoming smaller, as it move towards the tail. Eventually, it will take over completely. Procellian has no arms or legs, and two transparent, light blue webbed spikes span the horizontal sides of its tail, sharply rising and falling with the start and end of the tail. Along its back is an elegant ridge of spikes, webbed in between. Its average height is about the distance between two of the tail’s spikes. This feature starts between the dragon’s small, rather simple horns and becomes half its original height when connecting with the tail fins. It also constantly appears to be pressed down by an invisible wind. The most famous of the Ocean Angel’s features, however, are the beads of light woven around the dragon’s horns and neck, made to look like a collar. Less dense lights swirl around the rest of the dragon’s body, streaming out and curving as the dragon flies and turns.
Abilities: Dissipate, Hurricane (white, 2 rage, Three seconds long, this ability affects one island. It weakens nonprojectile damage by 10%, and sucks away at 20% of building health.), Trap resist, Liquid shield (red, 2 rage, this ability lasts five seconds, and slows down the rate of fire.
And I also had an idea for an underwater version of War Dragons lol. I know, these spells are horribly unbalanced, the wording is weird - I first created this a few years ago.
What do you guys think? :joy:


There’s only 5 elements… water isn’t one of them.


I think a cliffnotes version would be much appreciated. Other than that, :man_shrugging:


That’s… a lot of words you’ve got there.

Anyways, what do you mean by Inactive Rider? Do you mean that one of the riders already released will be disabled?
And spells don’t have their own elements. They have colors that determine what mages affect them (and orange if they’re passive).
Would we have these element dragons alongside the season dragons, and are the prizes associated with the event claimable with seasonal sigils?

Maybe I’m asking dumb questions that have been answered but good lord I do not have the time nor patience to read a gigantic block of text. Sorry.

Edit: Designing your own spell set for a dragon? Hell no. That’s not gonna fly. Pun intended.


Malefic breath on a hunter? Please tell me you’re joking? I like the idea of the event itself, but doesn’t creating dragons and assigning them spells seem a bit counterintuitive compared to what’s described in the event?


Let me see if I can sum this up in as short a TLDR as possible…

The wording about the rider rotation? is unclear, but it sounds like lore stuff, so it shouldn’t matter. How I read it was, players vote on which of the 6 dragons they’d like to try and win in the event. But this contradicts the build-a-dragon described later.

Design a dragon and attack bases. When the dragon gets stronger, the bases get stronger. Attacks are limited to a few per hour and cost more than normal, but achievements are boosted and spaced shorter apart.

Pretty neat dragon descriptions, but the spells leave something to be desired…

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axit gas shield: a 2 rage white spell shield, explode after taking 25% damage base on dragon hp, the first exploding does 10% hp and 1-3% hp randomly each second as long as the dragon is flying (rune increase the axit effect)
Chemical breakdown: 0 rage blue spell, cancel axit gas effect casted earlier, regain full energy and 10% health. 5 second cooldown/require 1 axit effect
coldness resist

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This seems like it took you a lot of time and creativity. But your delivery is a little difficult to follow. Maybe utilize some of the tools this forum has to organize the text?
Instead of large blocks of informations, you could bullet and condense the info.
You can also attack google docs with more in-depth information.

Good luck!


Yes this. I wouldn’t want all that thought and effort to go to waste.

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I agree with some of the others. This would be so much easier to read if it had better formating. Like extra returns between paragraphs. As it is, this wall of text was a bit overwhelming and I took one look at it and was like “nope, not going to read this.”


Sapphire wall got nothing on this wall of text…


Forums please read for me…or my phone…anyone? :joy::joy:

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I think an enter key dragon would be great.

Hahaha! That was funny! :+1:

Good idea. Maybe I should make some edits, the entire thing was rather hastily written out and barely edited.

CliffNotes version:
There is one dragon for each of the elements, and their powers and appearances relate to their respective elements. Each dragon is controlled by one rider (player), who earns it by Two Things. 1. submitting a Google Form and 2. participating in an event. The points you earn in the event will be inserted into your Google Form. But when the rider (player) goes inactive for a certain amount of time, the dragon will be “freed” (the owner no longer has possession of the dragon), so other players have a chance to get it through the Two Things mentioned earlier.
In the event, you customize a dragon and use that dragon to attack Blackblood bases, earning points as you do so to get prizes. These prizes are noticeably increased in quantity when compared to other events. This is a solo event that lasts five days.
How is that? :grin:

Ah yes. That.
I was imagining an underwater version of War Dragons, hence the water part. But ignore that if you wish :smiley:

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